Friday, May 4, 2012

MUSIC NEWS: The Lovely Bad Things Offer Up Guitarist's Butt To Play Primavera Sound 2012

If you have been to a Lovely Bad Things show you probably left sweaty and smiling. LA Weekly named their latest EP New Ghosts / Old Waves as one of the Top 5 L.A. Punk Albums of 2011 - Kevin Bronson from Buzzbands says they "are so much fun that you'll want to bottle your sweat for next time" - Rollo and Grady named them in their list of 112 bands to watch at SXSW- AND now, The So Cal quartet has been invited to play at Primavera Sound 2012, one of the largest music festivals in Spain. If you are an up and coming band that sounds like good news right? Well not if you have no funds to get there soooo... The Lovely Bad Things are offering up guitarist Tim Hatch's butt in hopes of raising money to play Primavera. More specifically, if you donate a rather large amount of money, your full name will be tattooed on Mr. Hatch's ass cheek for eternity! The Info on Indiegogo (a Kickstarter type website) assures us that they are not joking! Of course, you can donate whatever you want but the window of opportunity is fleeting as the Primavera is at the end of May / Early June. Camron and Brayden Ward, Tim Hatch and Lauren Curtius do seem to have a pretty intense relationship with their fan base, their shows some times turn into back and forth "I love YOU so much!" battles so it is not unlikely that they will be able to raise the $6000 needed to make the trip. As the time clock counts down on Indiegogo (28 days and counting)- take a look at their video plea: (by the way, the cat in the video is none other than Kevin who the Lovely Bad Things song "Kevin" is named after)

If you love the Lovely Bad Things- You can Donate here: Indiegogo link and help them out- AND check out the perks for high cash donations which will get you everything from having the next Album named after YOU or playing a show at YOUR house.

Way to go Lovely Bad Things!!

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