Saturday, June 28, 2014

LOLIPALOOZA - Dale Bozzio, Shannon and the Clams, The Lovely Bad Things, Adult Books, Froth, Peach Kelli Pop, Girl Tears, Dirt Dress, So Many Wizards and a WHOLE LOT MORE - TODAY july 28TH

OH YES- LOLIPALOOZA is today and I am stoked and tired at the same time. Plan is to download some RedBulls and let the music amp me up. This is brought to you by Lolipop Records and check out the DJ support going on in the left had corner of the poster. OMFG- this is going to be lovely, killer, rad and any other adjective (contemporary or otherwise) that you can come up with.

Like any day crammed full of bands on three stages with overlapping set times it can feel like a creative crisis when you have to make that choice between choosing between your fav bands to be on YOUR basketball team. This might be my last big LA festival type of thing because I am moving out of state so I am going to enjoy every band I have the opportunity to see. Have fun people!

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