Sunday, January 3, 2016

Screaming Females - Pump Some Much Needed Passion into Taylor's Swift's (vapid) "Shake It Off"

AV Club is up to their "Undercover" series again. They invite bands to come to their offices in and choose to perform a song on their song list. Once it is crossed off and performed, the next band has one less to choose from and so on so forth.

Screaming Females pump all the passion and soul into Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" they can muster which (I would think) is not easy to do. At least, in my opinion, the song itself rates super duper high on the vapid meter so the fact that Marissa can render such a stunning vocal performance is surprising. I do wish that she would of cranked out more lead because she is such a stellar lead player. A fun exercise in genre bending.

Love Screaming Females forever.
Check it out--
Robb Donker

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