Friday, September 23, 2016

Gana's (offical video) For Vitamin D Is Funky and Spunky Just Like The Track Itself

Britain (you may of guessed) is not sunny enough for healthy vitamin D levels so they have to supplement to get there. You know eat the right kinds of fish and eggs etc so Gana's video for their rather sunny track Vitamin D feels so appropriate. The video is spunky and funny as we see this sort of disgruntled chap having a frustrated time trying to have a good time on a mini holiday.

The track is equally spunky and funky and jammy. The song bends and weaves, feels dodgy with dramatic breaks. The groove is deep and the atmosphere fun but twisted in that Space sort of way.
Vitamin D is out through 25 Hour Convenience Store and all good digital outlets.

Robb Donker