Monday, December 3, 2018

The genre bending alternative rock of Frog and their infectious diatribe "American"

(photo courtesy of Andrew Piccone)

The track American from NYC (Astoria, Queens) alternative rock band Frog immediately grabs your attention. By the way, I start off with the generic descriptor "alternative rock band" because their sound casts so many genres that in the end saying one or two might negate the others. The jangly guitars, spartan garage rock / porch punk tones, kind of countrified vocal performance and proto punk intensity blended in my brain with all synapses firing and in the end alternative rock just has to do for now. For some reason my reaction on first listen to this song made me think of Buddy Holly's full tilt shift from Country and Western to Rock and Roll and how his early fan base might of reacted to that shift. Infinitely interested in Frog and their Americana alt rock sound (with weird tendencies) and I am in "search mode" for all they have done. Their press notes mention the term "broken pop" and it's seems apt in a way but just not enough to describe their feral nature. 

Robb Donker

Hailing from ‘The Swamp’ in Queens, NYC, acclaimed cult guitar band Frog return with Whatever We Probably Already Had It, the follow up to their lauded 2015 sleeper hit Kind of Blah. A frantic collection of emotional garage rock, wyrd Americana and broken power pop. Their music has previously found support at Gold Flake Paint, DIY Mag, Drowned in Sound, CLASH Music, TLOBF, The Skinny, London in Stereo, The Grey Estates, Various Small Flames, the BBC and many more. Their 2018 Kings of Blah tour documentary film is out now

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