Monday, June 4, 2018

Paper Citizen feels deceptively deep in a good way- hear "History"

History by Boston based Paper Citizen with it's sprightly played guitar and kind of mellow dramatic production full of salsa beatified cadences pulled apart with rich string sounds feels kind of  like tropical punk pushed through jazz filters. Then take Claire Gohst's perfectly poised vocals dressed up with classic tones, part American musical meets indie pop. It is a dizzy heady mix. The collective number of nuances add up in a big way and in the end History feels deceptively deep. The almost hyper reality of the string sounds made me think of Kishi Bashi a bit. The clean progressively built guitar rhythms made me think of St. Vincent. A lot going on. Where the hell are my jazz pants?

The heart of Paper Citizen is singer songwriter Claire Gohst (vocals, guitar, violins) and featuring Francesca Impastato (drums), Filipe Antunes (bass), Jacob Aviner (guitar), Bill Dunphy (guitar), Abram Lembono (keys, synths).

Robb Donker

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