Monday, December 31, 2018

Frances Luke Accord and the unmistakable beauty of "Silver & Gold"

Silver & Gold by Frances Luke Accord is one of those songs that is instantly recognizable. Not as in sounding like something else (like someone you spot in an airport who looks like a close long lost friend) but instantly recognizable as something of unmistakable beauty. While the running acoustic lines feel pristine and pretty, it is the duo's lovely and endearing vocal performance that wraps around the empty spaces in your heart. Francis Luke Accord is Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers (both raised in South Bend, Indiana). They began performing while at the University of Notre Dame ("Their first release, Kandote, was an intercultural collaboration with the Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir in Uganda, a not-for-profit effort which provides ongoing support to the choir to this day") eventually relocating to Chicago in 2013 working and releasing two more self produced EPs and touring nationally.

Currently as a "long distance band" Gunty works from Philadelphia and Powers from Chicago. Silver and Gold is the title track from Frances Luke Accord's "Silver & Gold" EP set to drop on January 25th, 2019. 

Robb Donker

Second Hand Genes from Wolverhampton and their big post rock sound on "What You Should've Had"

The track What You Should've Had by Second Hand Genes based out of Wolverhampton (England) is from their 3 song EP of the same name. This "broken relationship song" rides on forlorn passionate intimate vox with heavy guitars. Dynamically rich with picking flourishes and big walls of sound, big bass and drums and waves of full chord guitars the aesthetic is emotional indie rock in that kind of 90's post rock feel (I felt early Radiohead a bit when Thom sported choppy blond locks). Cool. 

Before you think these boys veer toward tear drop rock listen to the blistering alt rock post punk track Anything To Do With You. Turner's cut glass raspy vocals, jammy counterpoised guitars with proggy rock tendencies and full assault aesthetic of all the players concerned twists the musical knife but don't worry things get emotional at the end. Hell yeah.

Second Hand Genes is Will Turner (lead vox), Matt Dutton (lead guitar), Sam Hadley (Rhythm Guitar), Liam Gamston (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Matt Wildman (Drums). Look for them on Spotify, Itunes and YouTube.

Robb Donker

Friday, December 28, 2018

Andersen Coates' "Electrified" folk heart, rock and roll flesh and blood from the heartland

The song Electrified by singer-songwriter Andersen Coates rides on pearly double time electric guitar strains and Coates' somber yet strong vocal performance. It slow burns as it is over taken by drums, bass, walls of that electric guitar and orchestration. The song possesses a folk heart with indie rock flesh and blood bathed in Americana rock sounds which makes sense since Coates creates his songs from somewhere in the middle of Iowa. 

Electrified is the second track from his upcoming LP entitled "Gunpowder Heart"-

-Robb Donker

Thursday, December 27, 2018

American Pancake's 110 Favorite Songs of 2018 -- A Treasure Trove of Music

It has been a phenomenal year in Independent music and here at American Pancake we have been fortunate to find and share a treasure trove of great sounds from all those bands who are sadly not covered by the Pitchfork Media's of the world. Over the thousands of submissions that have come over the AP electronic desk (and some that have not) this list is the top 110 Favorite Songs of 2018. This list, this post is kind of a compendium to a YouTube video on the AP Channel and an AP Podcast so whether you use this list on it's own or in conjunction with those casts I hope you find some great music that turns you on. I also hope that you share this list as well as the Youtube vid or podcast and (most of all) I hope you support artists that you enjoy as well as local artists in your neck of the woods. Also a special thanks to all the artists / bands (you know who you are) who have reached out to me via email or Instagram with words of encouragement and appreciation. 
The list is in NO particular order of importance. You will find a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link as well as a link to the AP post (if there is one). Enjoy!

Robb Donker

1.Conversation by Swine Tax

 "Conversation" by Swine Tax pushes all the right post punk pleasure buttons:

2. Don't Be Afraid by So Many Wizards

Dream punkers So Many Wizards emotional break through on "Don't Be Afraid" :

3.Restless Sleeper by Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones - pulsating bass, shoe gaze haze romance wave of "Restless Sleeper" :

4. Rewind by How Great Were The Robbins

How Great Were The Robins and the swirling askew dream pop of "Rewind" :

5. Petrichor bt Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio's intimate orchestrations of sound on "Petrichor" :

6. Castle Pines by Castle Pines

The somber "Castle Pines" by Castle Pines, a moving tear stained love letter :

7. Every Living Thing by Young Hunting

Young Hunting feeling too much in the complex pop of "Every Living Thing" from the upcoming album "True Believers" :

8. Drive by Dead Sullivan

 Dead Sullivan's album "Season" the matter in the universe many of us have long lost (song DRIVE) :

9. Worthy Girl by Kills Birds

Kills Birds - feral punk / garage / grunge / psyche rock fury of "Worthy Girl" :

10. In Due Time by Spooky Cigarette

 Spooky Cigarette's blendo / ska / two tone / post punk "In Due Time" as free as spring reverb :

11. Another Life from Girl As Wave

Girl As Wave sleep walking dreams on "Another Life" from the EP "Poison Vines and Nectar" :

12. American by Frog

The genre bending alternative rock of Frog and their infectious diatribe "American":

13. Fragment Peach by Chives Viria

 Chives Viria's "Fragment Peach" a beautiful sonic narcotic to stir up your dreams:

14. Until I Found You by Fascinations Grand Chorus

Fascinations Grand Chorus - deep injection 100% pure 60's pop sound - "Until I Found You":

15. Lion by Dirt Hand

The musical chaos of "LION" by Dirt Hand feel like darkly burning camp fire stories :

16. Suspicion by Bat Zuppel

 ALBUM Review - Bat Zuppel - "Mirror /Rorrim" - the psych rock Gods must be smiling :

17. In the Dark by The Caracals

"In the Dark" debut single by The Caracals - indie rock with surf punk vibes from Orange County :

18. P.J.R by Hydromag

Hydromag cuts a beautifully sad deep groove eulogy on "P.J.R":

19. Everybody Wants To Take You For A Ride by Frederick The Younger

Frederick The Younger's sonic Polaroid on the hazy muted love of "Everybody Wants To Take You For A Ride" :

20. Persuasions To Enjoy (featuring Shaool and Kala) by Barry Wilson Music

Barry Wilson Music- "Persuasions To Enjoy" (Featuring Shaool and Kala) - lush groovy jazz, neo soul, funk, hip hop explosion :

21. Waves by Coattails

Coattails out of Austin, Texas trip fed psychedelia on "Waves" feels so beautifully heavy :

22. Outside by Felines

Danish band Felines and the dreamy punk doo wop sway of "Outside" from their EP "Saying It Twice Makes It Real" :

23. Endless Destinations bt Squatcho

Squatcho - and the cinematic "Endless Destinations" from their upcoming album "Out Of Place" :

24. Bear The Waves by Stray Fossa

"Bear The Waves" by Stray Fossa is a dreamy indie rock song best listened to in the shower :

25. Black Hole Fusion by Lukka

"Black Hole Fusion" by New York based artist, musician, composer Lukka is a shifting dreamy puzzle of a song :

26. Hot Stuff by Toledo

TOLEDO - title song off of debut EP "Hot Stuff" when that one person means the universe to you :

27. Albatross by The Magic Lantern

London's The Magic Lantern and the beautifully wrought "Albatross" moves in magical ways :

28. Dying In The South by Commander Keen

Southern post punk by Commander Keen - pummels you into submission on "Dying In The South":

29. Destination Wedding by Bike Thiefs

Bike Thiefs pounds in your head like punk Pop Rocks on "Destination Wedding" :

30. A Work of Reflection In The Age of Mechanical Sentimentalism by Valid Light

Valid Light - dense folk rock reflections on "A Work Of Reflection in the Age of Mechanical Sentimentalism" :

31. Fear On The Rise by The Memoirs

The Memoirs from Nottingham (UK) and the plush but raw alt rock sound on "Fear On The Rise" :

32. Spectacle by Pocket Rockets

East L.A.'s the Pocket Rockets turn out and up on their new single "SPECTACLE" :

33. Jungle by Jeen

Canada's Jeen- and the post punk goodness of "Jungle" from the album "Gift Shop" :

34. Mary Don't Bury Me by Dominy

Dominy and the country tinged indie rocker "Mary Don't Bury Me" is infectious:

35. Never Finds You by The Washboard Abs

The Washboard Abs' broken hearted dreamy lullaby "Never Finds You" :

36. Love Kills by Coyle Girelli

Coyle Girelli - creates a surreal tortured love ballad on "Love Kills" and it kills :

37. Disconnect but Imcompletely by I,Aeronaut

The 5 track EP by I, Aeronaut - "All Those Bright Natures Adorned In Our Prime" is as unique as it is beautiful. Like a stunning musical cyborg. :

38. All You Sad Boys by United Ghosts

United Ghosts push big buttons on "All You Sad Boys" :

39. Hairdresser by Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls reverb washed dreams on "Hairdresser":

40. Everything by M.A.D.

 Go M.A.D. for the fever dreamy "Everything":

41. How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One by Fins

 "How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One" by Fins is a silky smooth pop concoction :

42. Hemoglobin by He Arrived By Helicopter

He Arrived By Helicopter spins on art rock axes on "Hemoglobin" from "The Shiny Hostel" album :

43. Have My Back by Kyson

Kyson and the blendo tropical punk pop aesthetic of "Have My Back" :

44. Clear Sky by Dream Phases

The pure and pristine art rock / pop psychedelia of Dream Phases and "Clear Skies":

45. When She's High by Tully & Mei
 Tully & Mei - spartan hip hop, pop rock explosion of "When She's High" :

46. Speed Of Wine by Paper Cameras

Paper Cameras - post punk bliss "Speed Of Wine" is the tonic for what ails you :

47. Infinite Other by The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall - sonic reflections on "Infinite Other":

48. Big Blue Sky by Holly Redford Jones

Sway under Holly Redford Jones' "Big Blue Sky" and feel the love:

49. Jellyfish by Galapaghost

Casey Chandler's solo project as Galapaghost goes electronic on "Sootie" - hear the single "Jellyfish":

50. Patiently 4 U by Ceramic Animal

Ceramic Animal and their "CTF" sound on "Patiently 4 U" :

51. Flower Parts by Comprador

Comprador- galaxy building on "Flower Parts" from the Double LP - "Downstream" :

52. Love Love Love by Beta Waves

Beta Waves out of Dundee, Scotland and the addictive "Love Love Love" :

53. American Dream by Crooked Teeth

"American Dream" by Crooked Teeth casts a dark and light reflection :

54. Party by Wet Leather

New York's Wet Leather and the audaciously cagey "Party":

55. Pink Thoughts by Topographies

"Pink Thoughts" by the Bay Area's Topographies is so many things. :

56. XO by Calan Mai

Calan Mai's "XO" is a chill piece of wanderlust with Polaroid experiences :

57. 10/6 by Meggie Brown

"10/6" by the dangerously enticing Meggie Brown feels like feral punk rock (London) :

58. So It Is Ever by Django Haskins

Django Haskins' dark evocative "So It Is Ever" from the album "Shadowlawn":

59. Party by Jesse Rosenthal

Singer-songwriter Jesse Rosenthal changes emotional shapes on the track "Party Dress":

60. Pillos N Rillos by Couch Jackets

If you lived in Central Arkansas what kind of music would you make? Couch Jackets - trippy ride on "Pillos N Rillos":

61. BR-EA-THE by Grymm
 "BR-EA-THE" by Brighton indie grunge hybrid Grymm is dark and foreboding rock :

62. Endless Idle by Dead Painters

Dead Painters' title track "Endless Idle" from their full length that drops TODAY feels like a hand written letter set to music :

63. Dandelion by Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark's hyper reality of "Dandelion":

64. Liz Taylor by Sharkmuffin

Sharkmuffin's "glam grunge" and classic punk brevity on the track "Liz Taylor":

65. Your Sun by Moontwin

Moontwin - the official video for "Your Sun" - barbed wire and blooming flowers exist together:

66. Something Green by New Me

NEW ME- Look for their 7 Inch- hear the trippy pop sound of "Something Green":

67. Downhill Calendar by The Chewers

The Chewers - the driven off a cliff industrial art punk poetry of "Downhill Calendar" needs to be in your musical library - :

68. A Portrait Of Grace by Humble Digs

Humble Digs - labor of love "A Portrait Of Grace" trippy blended impressions in a 150 year old farmhouse (track Shame) :

69. Country by Racoma

Racoma's Self Titled album feels organically deep- steep in the tracks "Country" and "Howl" and then love the rest:

70. Boy by Falasies

Falaises - transient "Boy" has dangerous edges :

71. Unfair by Deleo

"Unfair" by French Indie rock duo Deleo buried and unburied passion :

72. Behind The Walls by Neo & Neo

Neo&Neo's "Behind The Walls" casts ethereal images in your mind:

73. Vessels by And Then We Lived Forever

And Then We Lived Forever - "Vessels" off the goosebumps inducing Tunnel Dreams EP :

74. (Hookers with) Hidden Depths by Pardans

Pardans wide eyed musical debauchery on "(Hookers with ) Hidden Depths":

75. Suddenly Someone by Lenny Zenith

Lenny Zenith - trans punk artist still making waves on "Suddenly Someone" from the "What If The Sun" album:

76. The Way We Collide by The Boy Jones

The Boy Jones- "The Way We Collide" emotionally rich :

77. In On The Joke by Lauren O'Connell

Lauren O'Connell- big bite on "In On The Joke" from the "Details" album:

78. Time To See by NEEDSHES

NEEDSHES - exuberant big rocker - "Time To See":

79. Helado by Rudy De Anda

Rudy De Anda stirs it up in "Helado":

80. In The Grass by Ocean Potion

Ocean Potion - pushing sounds you want to hear in "In The Grass" (Official Video):

81. Ghost by The Ruralists

The Ruralists - "The Birth Of Birds" alt folk on high and "Ghost":

82. No Great Shakes by Yolanda

Yolanda's EP "What Vision" feels like Polaroid dreams (featured) "No Great Shakes" and "Drivver_New Waltz":

83. Don't Want Me (or My Rise To E-Glory) by The Grinning Ghosts

From the upcoming EP2- The Grinning Ghosts - "Don't Want Me (or My Rise to E-Glory)":

84. Miss You by Percy Falls

Miss You by Percy Falls out of Austin is simply beautiful artful folk:

85. Look Away by Big Band

Big Band - big punk sound on the album "Options" - featured "Look Away" and "Itch":

86. Lullaby by Laura Carbone

Berlin Dream Pop Songstress Laura Carbone stirs you with "Lullaby":

87. Star Vultures by The Classic Hunts

The Classic Hunt's "The Lyrids" EP will leave a mark on you:

88. Dunkirk by Silverbacks

Silverbacks - art rock pushed through proto punk filters on "Dunkirk":

89. Knife To The Heart by The Nova Darlings

The Nova Darlings sing about life and death and everything in between - hear "Knife To The Heart":

90. 20 by Hannah's Little Sister

Hannah's Little Sister - blistery punk out of Liverpool and she's only "20":

91. It's Your Birthday by Flaccid Ashbacks

Flaccid Ashbacks - lovely admissions and sadistic leanings on "It's Your Birthday" from the "Hark!" album :

92. Uncontrollable Pride by Edwin

Edwin - Do yourself a favor and get lost in the EP- "You Have No Idea Man" - (highlighted track) "Uncontrollable Pride":

93. Best Friend by Drens

You will want to be Drens' best friend after hearing "Best Friend":

94. Up The Street by Rat The Magnificent

Rat The Magnificent- Burns - on "Up The Street" from the debut album "The Body As Pleasure" :

95. Out of by Cuesta Loeb

Cuesta Loeb's moving homage to a loved one in "Out Of" :

96. In The Shadows by Glassmaps

Glassmaps' "In The Shadows" from the "Strangely Addicted" album :

97. Girls In Black by Modern Leisure

Modern Leisure - Official Video for "Girls In Black" is wonderfully weird :

98. Lads Prayer by Are You Having Fun Yet

Are You Having Fun Yet- hear "Lads Prayer" from their album "Are You Having Fun Yet" :

99. Baby by Basement Revolver

Hear Basement Revolver's beautiful anthemic waltz "Baby" :

100. Silver Parade by ZXO

ZXO - "Silver Parade" might be the most beautiful thing you hear today :

101. Draw Me A Line by Money & King

Money & King - "70's Psych Americana" - hear "Draw Me A Line" from the "There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone" Album :

102. Yours Till I Die by Airpark

Airpark's latest - "Yours Till I Die" is grand, sweeping and (yes) timeless :

103. Clone Baby by Fellow Robot

"Clone Baby" by Fellow Robot feels like tortured retro sock hop punk with a twist of 90's post rock and I LOVE IT. :

104. Crown Of Holly by Hectorina

Song Premiere: "Crown Of Holly" by Hectorina is Abstract Art Rock and More :

105. Sleepless by Sleepy Gaucho

Sleepy Gaucho and the runaway "Sleepless" from the album "Another Time" :

106. Christmas Tree by Trainwreck Department

Trainwreck Department's EP No.1 is a post punk / alt folk / experimental Gem :

107.Crazy Happy by Charlie Lane

 "Crazy Happy" by Charlie Lane - deceptively deep pop song :

108. Reflections by The Quiet Giants

The Quiet Giants - and the cinematic "Reflections":

109. Spaceship by Eddie Angel

Eddie Angel's sweet Ode to Pavement "Spaceship" from the "Clear As Crystal" EP :

110. Javelin Fade by Daniel Isaiah

 "Javelin Fade" by Daniel Isaiah feels like something between a hymn and a hidden conversation between secret lovers :