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American Pancake is a blog started by me, Robb, back in 2009. My main points of interest at that time was the burgeoning indie DIY scene centered Orange County and Los Angeles, California. Hubs of interest were Burger Records in Fullerton, The Echo, The Smell in LA and Festivals like FYF, Burgerama and Viva Pomona. For most bands some of the most engaging shows are the early ones in their lifespan when they are figuring things out, when everything is raw. Capturing those moments on video and the written word is always amazing and standing 18 inches from a crash cymbal in a hot and sweaty warehouse show is the best thing in the world as opposed to looking up at a band from several yards away behind a barrier although that is pretty fine too.

For the first couple of years I made a lot of contacts with venues, promoters, publicists, photographers and writers and I expected the blog to expand, gain writers, a staff and more but it didn't really work out that way. My dream of being the next Gorilla VS. Bear did not happen and truth be told I have not put in the time to grow the blog. It has and continues to be an integral part of my life, an important hobby and a place to escape the rigors of my workaday world.

AP receives countless submissions daily and I try to get to all of them but it is difficult. If a band's or artist's music moves me, gets my adrenalin going, peaks my interest I will write about them. It is not any more complicated then that. From time to time I have wanted to end the blog but what keeps me going is the genuine positive feedback from you all and the fact that AP still finds relevant great music that no other blogs pay attention to.

In 2014 I left California and now reside in Georgia. The transition in terms of my physical connection to an indie music scene has been tough as opposed to Cali but being on the East Coast has afforded me the opportunity to venture up to New York and see / review some bands. While I was up in clubs in NYC it was rewarding to find out that some of the bands were familiar with AP.

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email: americanpancakelive@gmail.com

Robb Donker
Editor / Senior Writer