Thursday, September 19, 2019

ACUA - surprises around every corner of "RUN"

AP Track Review:

ACUA is a psyche indie rock band out of Germany and on the dynamically rick track Run, they push a lot of tone and flavors in dreamy arty ways. There is both an airiness to their sound but heaviness too. Those cool heavy parts, the twist on their guitar / bass andsynth sounds made me think of a more chill Death from Above 1979.  ACUA let the sustain of their sonic downbeats breath, letting the space between sounds leave you floating and then explode with interesting effected guitar lines. In fact, every sound is cooly crafted. ACUA are Patrick (Guitar/vox), Caroline (drums) and Igor (Bass and Synths) and they are so adept at surprising you around every corner of this track pushing indie rock, a sort of jazz inspired fusion, post punk and such through art pop filters. Amazing. 

Robb Donker


ACUA is a young, German psychedelic band with spacey guitars, rough synths and driving, impulsive drums. Dreamy Vocals are embedded in a colourful, nostalgic desire. It consist of Patrick (Guitar/vox), Caroline (drums) and Igor (Bass and Synths). 
Existing for just about a year, they played their first festival shows and over 40 concerts already, including gigs in UK, the Netherlands and a Canada Tour - including 10 gigs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and more - as well as Support Slots for FKJJapanese House and OMNI

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