Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Noa Spott's indie electro bouncy track "Nothing Like You" has a weighty side too

AP Track Review

Noa Spott's indie electro bouncy track Nothing Like You rides on dreamy effervescent synth swells, a snappy beat that feels ticks ahead of time, synth bass lines and Spott's chill polished croon. His voice holds the weight of maybe having a daily grind of a job (or life) that does not fulfill him. I am sure at least 90 percent of us can relate. This is (in a way) a indie pop version of Radiohead's No Surprises but less sadcore (sort of). Way less. And why not dance when you contemplate which dream to chase and which life to cast aside. 

Noa Spott is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Robb Donker Curtius


Noa Spott introduces new single, Nothing Like You
February 2020 - Noa Spott is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. His music is a combination of alternative music, pop, and indie, with songs that are catchy, yet spontaneous, and easy to relate to.
His latest track, titled “Nothing Like You,” was released on January 31, 2020. The song begins with introspective guitar chords that swell into a raw drum groove and lush synth pads. Spott sings with a shade of apathy while conveying the fatigue of a repetitive lifestyle, until an intimate chorus introduces a new tone - one of a welcome distraction. Rich harmonies, unique guitar tones, and spacious synthesizers create a moody texture and a dynamic atmosphere throughout the song.
Find out more about Noa Spott and do not miss out on “Nothing Like You” and other releases from this talented artist.

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