Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Amber Unit dreamy yet sad haunting tone on "Numbers"


Switzerland's The Amber Unit's dreamy post rock tone on Numbers moves on evocative vox and a sad haunting tone. It is the first single from the band's new album "Kolmanskap" (2020). Of the song The Amber Unit offer:

"It's a song about the feeling of being a stranger in the world, while everything goes down, succumbing to the relentless drive of an ephemeral time. But this song doesn't stop at a dark world-weariness, it is rather a declaration of love to those special people who turn the twilight into a dawn. The number begins with a fizzing and pulsating soundscape and quickly escalates into a moving anthem. The accompanying video provides both personal and strange images from countries near and (very) far."

Robb Donker Curtius


Anyone who has listened to music in Switzerland for the last years knows the sophisticated and emotional music of The Amber Unit: colourful guitar sounds, a sonorous and well thought-out rhythmic foundation, intertwined with the sounds of violin and electronica and on top of it all Vic's inimitable voice. In every register and in varying degrees of melodiousness and fragility, he can conjure images in our minds that feel like our own memories - vodoo.
Musically, the band opens up its spectrum with additional instruments and tactics. Both futuristic and analogue-retroesque electronica feature heavily. The guitars move in the nebulous, reverberant realms that the fans love, only to immediately slam equally convincingly and confirm the bands status as a rock group. But what's new on the upcoming album , are the playful trills and tripping runs, which remind us of artists from the North African desert.
Their musical journey has led them to Eurockéennes, Gampel Festival, Rock aux Arènes, Stimmen and M4Music. They supported bands like Kashmir , Stereophonics, Slut, Rufus Wainwright and many others.
Discographie • Bent: … Missing (2000) • Whysome: Not Even Close To What It Was Meant To Be (2002) • Whysome: Of The Need to Wait (2005) • Whysome: Closer Now (2007) • The Amber Unit: While You Started a Revolution (2011) • The Amber Unit: Fear no Giant (2018)

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