Saturday, October 9, 2021

Kate Brunotts and the dark spiraling "ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD"

"Wrote another email / Typed the dotted line / Apathetic inbox / No valentines..."

New York based Kate Brunotts sees the world and expresses her visions sonically in experimental ways. As singer-songwriter, producer and engineer, she embraces the DIY aesthetic. Listen to her latest "ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD" and you can feel a heightened sense of reality. Amid layered vox, dark orchestration, you are pulled down into an atmospheric mesh that feels like a blend of dark Euro punk, bohemian Gothic folk and late 70's experimental proto punk. Even though there is so much to take in, Kate's unique vocal aesthetic, wide eyed and anxious is the focal point.

The track is from her new EP:

"My self-produced project “all caps” is all about the separation that everyone endures between their digital and physical self. More often than not, I feel like my digital representation, or avatar if you will, is insatiable: Always beckoning for more and more of who I actually am, until I’m reduced to a couple of digits in code." - Kate brunotts

-Robb Donker Curtius

* * *


Kate Brunotts is a newly adopted New Yorker, who has found herself taking over the city with her fresh sounds. She claims the roles as a producer, singer, songwriter and music engineer. She’s known to focus on indie and electronic pop tracks, but she challenges those worlds through the variety of sonic landscapes she dips into when working with other artists. Lefuturewave stated that her “music creates new universes, she’s a surefire creative and artistic force.” She’s been featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists including “Fresh Finds” along with BBC introducing.

Brunotts has been dominating the scene in the press and has gone farther to making herself known through her experience in writing for numerous music production blogs. Her solo projects have made a name for herself. Even her social media presence has built a community for others to tune in and learn from her polished craft. Youtube has helped Brunotts explore music production in new ways, while also teaching her audience how to become an artist themselves.

It’s easy to believe that you’ve found a hidden gem in the city, but Brunotts’ is just that, she has what every artist hopes to find at such a young age - the fight to do it all. Keep Walking Music told their readers, “there’s something special about Kate’s artistry and presence that will not only demand your attention but it truly stands out amongst the crowd. So much in fact that we’re already looking forward to hearing what the artist does next.” Kate Brunotts won’t be a name you’ll forget, she’s only just getting started and you’ll never be kept waiting for something magical to be born.

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