Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston may of accidentally drowned.

Whitney Houston's untimely death may of come down to the capricious decision to take a bath instead of  a shower. Eye witness accounts of how her body was found in her Beverly Hilton Hotel room suggests that she may of fallen asleep or passed out while in the bath and accidentally drowned. Reports also indicate that there were 3 types of prescription pills found in her room but until toxicological reports are completed it will not be known if and how they may or may not of contributed to her death.

Houston's much publicized struggles with illegal drug addiction and stints at rehab seemed to be behind her. Her long time friend and musical director Ricky Minor had met with her on Thursday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. On the E-channel Minor told Ryan Seacrest,“She’d just been swimming. It was before 9am. She loves to swim. She had wet hair and she was getting it all over me.” (Minor was getting ready to rehearse Brandy and Monica for a medley of Supremes songs for Clive Davis’s dinner) “She stayed, gave the girls advice. She was singing along from the theater. She said, Can I have a mike? And I said No, this is their show,” Minor said, (joking). He continued to explain that Whitney had showed him her "cut arms" from swimming as she was proud of being so fit, saying,“She said she was very excited about producing Sparkle and wanted to produce more films. It’s unbelievable.” 

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