Monday, February 27, 2012

Wyatt Blair - 'Candy Eyes' Single and Unofficial Videos for Another Day and Cross The Line

Wyatt Blair is a man musically possessed. Whether with TRMRS or Mr. Elevator and The Brain Hotel or self titled projects, Blair likes to keep things moving. His latest entree is the single from his upcoming EP 'Candy Eyes' featuring Another Day and Cross the Line. Starting with twisted feedback, Another Day has a deep acoustic rhythm, forlorn lead lines, and a tortured sounding vocal that is buried in the mix just enough to make you want to hear every word, "I'd stop the time and fall inside... to see you in my eyes... I'd walk the tide for when you die... to see you in the...."  Some of the lines are left open ended and the broken syntax on the chorus only makes this cool song more poetic. Cross the Line has a pulsating beat, soaring hooky guitar lines, and a lush lead vocal bed courtesy of Lauren Curtius of the Lovely Bad Things. This song grows quickly on you, the driving beat wraps you up in the sound. For some reason I thought of the Shins Caring is Creepy and Radiohead's Let Down although Cross the Line doesn't sounds like either of them- it sounds more raw and leads with it's heart more than it's head.

We here at American Pancake are currently in between video shoots and had some fun incorporating public domain footage into unofficial videos for both songs. You can check them out below and keep your eye out for the 'Candy Eyes' EP- as Another Day and Cross the Line are both stellar songs that portend a cool EP.

Candy Eyes Single - Wyatt Blair

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