Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Body Part Saturday: Songs with "Eye" in the Title- !!

It has been said in many different ways that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes, those organs that turn light waves and convert them into electro-chemical impulses that in turn allow us to interpret the things we "see"- have been fodder for poetry and song forever. And why not? Many people say that eyes are one of the features that they find most attractive in others. And so here (in no particular order) we have a smattering of songs,  some very old and some very new, that have eye in the title.

Diana Ross and the Supremes - 
When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes

Alan Parson Project - 
Eye in the Sky

Velvet Underground-
Pale Blue Eyes

Green Eyes

Smashing Pumpkins-

Peter Gabriel-
In Your Eyes

The Black Keys-
Midnight In Her Eyes

Peter, Bjorn and John-

Blue Foundation-
Eyes on Fire

Rogue Waves-

Kim Carnes-
Bettie Davis Eyes

Mumford and Sons-
Lover's Eyes

Billy Idol-
Eyes Without A Face

Van Morrison-
Brown Eyed Girl

Dirty Projectors-
Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover)

Local Natives-
Wide Eyes 

Bob Welch-
Ebony Eyes

The Who-
Behind Blue Eyes

La Sera-
Please Be My Third Eye

Rolling Stones-
The Girl with The Faraway Eyes

Silver Sun Pickups-
Lazy Eye

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