Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video: 'Fancy Park' by Bodhi is ridiculously cool...

Fancy Park, the single for the upcoming (yet untitled) album by Bodhi is a trippy sound fest for your ears and brain. The production swirls with an ethereal dirty organ, distorted drum bed and bass line bolstering edgy vocals dripping with intoxicated sex appeal. The sound is very surreal like Damon Albarn had his creative hands in the mix. It makes me want to hang out in seedy bars and smoke cigarettes. Two things I do not do, by the way. The smattering of public domain images that adorn the video for Fancy Park is comprised of 50's toy commercials, Rocketman, creepy carnival fair and possibly soft or fetish porn making the song sound all the more psyche-delicious.

Check out more sounds at their bandcamp: Bodhi FACEBOOK

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