Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: Sixteen Saltines by Jack White - Creepy X-Files-ish Portrait of Youth run Amok

The video for Sixteen Saltines from Jack White's April 24th album Blunderbuss has creepiness written all over it. Directed by AG Rojas, the images evoke youth run amok devoid of any feelings except base emotions. Sailing on a sea of self intoxicants without any moral compass or, apparently adults, except for Jack White himself who is bound, kept hostage and eventually.... well, you'll see. The sense is full on X-Files. The song, itself, is a stripped down glammy kick in the balls rocker with some seemingly random lyrics like, "I eat 16 saltine crackers and then I lick my fingers" or "force fed, force med till I drop dead"-

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