Thursday, June 7, 2012

AP FAVORITE SONG OF THE DAY- "In My Bed" by The Orwells

The Orwells got that sound, that almighty righteous sound DOWN that harkins back to 60's /70's protopunk / garage bands like The Kingsman, MC5 and the Stooges. They don't sound like these iconic bands, noooo, they have their own groove going BUT there is something so genuine about their approach that their songs actually sound like old songs from that era. The Elmhurst, Illinois boys who claim their genre as flower punk / garage pop are fronted by Mario Cuomo who has a husky, dirty voice that sounds like he has been illegally smoking cigs since he was nine years old, which from the looks of him, was not that long ago. Check out the unofficial video for "In My Bed", which is, my favorite song of the day.- Adler Bloom FACEBOOK:

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