Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jereme Aubertine: UNWIND // REWIND on Damaged Goods Zine

Jereme Aubertin shoots some cool videos, many for Damaged Goods on line magazine coming from one of the most beautiful places in the world= New Zealand. This latest video shows this killer shore break. Some of the angles are shot in such a way that it looks like the wave is breaking 5 inches from the shore line. Not only does Jereme shoot his videos in a loose and easy documentary style, he has the brilliant balls to keep the music down to earth as well. Who the hell would think of using the lo-fi goodness of The Lovely Bad Things first cassette release on Burger Records? Jereme fucking Aubertin would! "Wematanye" off of the Shark Week tape is lo-fi garage rock at it's finest. The unpretentious, under produced track is as purely rendered as Aubertin's UNWIND//REWIND surf vid. YOU go Jereme!

UNWIND // REWIND from Jereme Aubertin on Vimeo.

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