Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Sports" EP by Speedy Ortiz - Full of Crooked Smiles and Clenched Fists

SPORTS, the latest EP by Speedy Ortiz has 5 potent songs that smile at you, (however sardonically) one minute and seconds later, bitch slap you up side your head. Songwriter, vocalist, guitarist Sadie Dupuis' songs have the bitter edge of one too many emotional back stabbings which makes for magnificently bipolar-esque guitar changes and provocative lyrics. In "Indoor Soccer" Sadie sings "Massive machete... that shit is getting heavy... though you knew me, don't know me now" and "Don't you let down my good friends, don't fuck with my friends" and by her tone, I suggest that you do not. That being said, Sadie, vocally, also has emotional tenderness buried under her bite which provides a very cool contrast to the musical vibe which still boils over into a melting pot of Pavement, Nirvana and Helium (grunge) like indie rock. "Basketball" is one of those songs you want to drive fast to. "Curling" (one of the more down tempo tracks) has a sad arc to the guitar lines and vocal melody full of loss and heavy doses of self respect.."a little after you said that I deserved it all... well, honey, I've got the house.... I've got the dog and I'm wakin' up mornings and showing up on time for my job... so don't bother to call me." This song is full of insightful emotional gems that we can all relate to and it doesn't hurt that those words are cradled in a delicious heavy and beautiful music bed. "Silver Spring" with it's guitar lines often mirroring the vocal line simply soars into a heavy rock jam (the guitar break is awesome).

Have you ever been in a crazy situation but everyone around you is acting like everything is completely normal?? This is what "Suck Buddies" sounds like. It is a tasty head banging psycho trip and I love it. In fact, I love all these songs. You can grab a free download of "Silver Spring" from the Speedy Ortiz Bandcamp page. Enjoy.

- Adler Bloom

Speedy Ortiz:
Sadie Dupuis: guitars, vocals, pedal organ
Matt Robidoux: guitars
Darl Ferm: bass, handclaps
Mike Falcone: drums, piano

Speedy Ortiz Bandcamp

Speedy Ortiz Facebook

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