Saturday, June 30, 2012

Team Spirit Lucky to be Underneath Kate Upton

As I was watching the latest Kate Upton / Terry Richardson video - "The Many Talents of Kate Upton" (GQ Mag Photoshoot) for the umpteenth time I finally noticed that the song underneath the video is pretty damn catchy. It has that early 80's power pop, post punk vibe and, in fact, could be a distant cousin of King Tuff with a tiny twist of Japandroids like energy.
The song is "Teenage Love" by Team Spirit which is Ayad Al Adhamy's rock band as opposed to his electro pop affair "Passion Pit" that started in or around 2007. Ayad, a talented keyboardist and synth maestro can also strap on a guitar and jam. Check out the 3 song EP on Bandcamp. All three songs pulsate with a shiteload of energy and pop prowess.

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