Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teaser Trailer of "The Master" is Riveting and Unsettling

If you are a Paul Thomas Anderson fan, you have undoubtedly been eager to see a first peek at "The Master", a highly anticipated dark drama as only Anderson can envision. Co-produced, written and directed by Mr. Anderson, it stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as the charismatic leader of a cult like group called the Cause. Joaquin Phoenix plays Freddie Sutton, the Master's right hand man. The film's teaser trailer (which, by the way, is more far more unsettling than any clips of Prometheus) is fueled by Joaquin's amazing ability to walk on that razor thin line between childlike vulnerability and full on psychosis and Jonny Greenwood's (of Radiohead) percussively creepy film score. I cannot wait to see this film.

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