Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video: "Holding On to Something" - by Parlovr - Deliciously Wacked Out

Jeremy, Alex and Louis are Parlovr and hail from Montréal and have been making cool sounds together since 2008. The video for  "Holding Onto Something" is deliciously wacked out. Creatively avant garde and wonderfully weirdly directed by Scott Cudmore.

Scott Cudmore: (on Noisey)

The whole video is basically only three shots. Three shots that repeat over and over again. I guess with every video you try to challenge yourself hopefully with something, and the challenge here was kind of, 'How do you make a video that is only three shots that just repeat over and over again and still tell a story and have it make sense logically'. But I cheated. It's not only three shots...there are other shots. Anyways, it was just kind of about telling a story in the most basic, simplest way possible. It kind of feels like an animated storybook. They told me specifically that they didn't want to die at the end of the video. So I only killed off two of them.

"Holding Onto Something" is from their album Kook Soul available here.

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