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August 4, 2012 — The 3rd New L.A. Folk Festival

 The 3rd New Los Angeles Folk Festival
returns to Zorthian Ranch
August 4, 2012

The day is almost here. On Saturday, people will gather for a one of a kind music festival at the legendary Zorthian Ranch. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this amazing place and be part of some history-making yourself.
Our incredible line-up of bands features over 30 great local acts (and a few out-of-towners) putting a new spin on what folk music has come to mean for today's culture. It's music for the people, music that creates an experience, music that relishes the California dream of sunshine and weirdness. The Folk Fest's job is to enhance that experience as best as we can, by placing it in the most surreal setting, perfect in all its imperfections.
Zorthian Ranch is a historical party place built by hand out of junk, spare parts, and the relics of legendary parties over the course of 50 years. It sits at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, just 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Bohemian legend Jirayr Zorthian was a reknown muralist and party host, who surrounded himself with artists, scientists, inventors, musicians, and the greatest oddities. 
You are invited to dip in the pool, explore the grounds, visit the animals, play croquet, splash in our homemade waterpark and kick up dust during our square dance. Last year, hundreds of stomping feet created a 10 foot cloud of dust. (Bring a bandana for the square dance, like a real cowboy.)
The first bit of the day will feature acoustic, unplugged performances spread all over the ranch in every nook and cranny, then we’ll plug in for the rest of the day.
In addition to music we have dancers and performance artists and several other indescribable surprises.
What we're doing is crazy as far as music festivals go. For that reason alone, ya don't wanna miss this. 
Check out this great article about the festival from Pasadena Now.
We've got an incredible LINE-UP
Watch and listen to the lineup at this link.
Beachwood Sparks, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Spindrift, Tom Brosseau, White Magic, Restavrant, Pisces, Triple Chicken Foot ft. Tony Jourdan, Guy Blakeslee (Entrance), RT n’ the 44s, Leslie Stevens, Emily Lacy, Cowboy and Indian, Tommy Santee Klaws, Sea Of Bees, Domingo Siete, Geronimo Getty, Yellow Red Sparks, Dirt Bird, Kera & the Lesbians, Gwendolyn, Oliwa & the Pleasure Circus, Stripminers, Madame Headdress, Avolcano, Kitchen Hips, Fort King, Dustbowl Revival, David Feuer, Mrs. Hobbs & Ketchup Soup, Jenny Long, Tall Tales & the Silver Lining, Steve Kalinich (poet), Ocha La Rocha, The Series, Mecca V.A., Bloody Death Skull
Zorthian Ranch is a living work of art, ever more beautiful as it crumbles. In order to preserve the place, only so many people will be able to share this special experience. Hope that you will join us! $25 in advance / $30 at the door / $50 VIP/$16 children
There will be delicious food and drinks and vendors of unique clothes and crafts to enjoy.
IMPORTANT INFO. Please read the website to be prepared for the festival.
Click here for important info on location, carpooling, parking
Click here for what to bring/not bring and the rules
Click here to read about Zorthian Ranch's history
Co-founded by culture tastemaker Daiana Feuer and Trailer Fire Records' James Cartwright, and produced with help from Chris Hajek of Echo Country Outpost.
Co-presented by music magazine L.A. RECORD
Sponsors: Echo Country Outpost, ONE Coconut Water, Trailer Fire Records, Lemon Tree Studios
Keep up on the latest details by following us on Facebook and Twitter and visit the website at

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