Friday, November 9, 2012

YOU ME US - Siren - Indie Folk from Northhampton

You Me Us are Jasmine Burns and Morton Piercewright from Northhampton, Britain. Their single Siren is admittedly lo-fi folk recorded live in a living room. This mean you can hear the occasional guitar string stumble or the tiniest bit of off pitch vocals. It also means that you hear something quite human, honest and stunning. Morton sings the first refrain followed by Jasmine. Both voices with a sad undertow are terribly affecting but it is at around 2:30 when those voices come together that your jaw drops open. Their harmonies are so lovely, their singing feels so heart achingly personal that emotions well up inside you. Feelings like falling in love or having love fall utterly apart. I look so forward to hearing more from YOU ME US.
Robb Donker

YOU ME US Facebook: here

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