Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Power Trio- CUSSES- Down to the Wire-- Seeking YOUR Support -

Three piece power trio from Savannah Georgia- Cusses has got a lot going for it. Lead singer Angel Bond has got a magnetic presence on stage, drummer Brian Lackey has got a thunderous sound and guitarist Bryan Harder does double duty cranking out formidable walls of guitar chops as well as making his guitar boom like a heavy bottom bass. To me they are more pure rock than anything else although I do hear elements of power pop and post punk tones. Like another girl fronted band (Savages) Cusses knows when to allow the open spaces in their music amp up the atmosphere, when to make the sound spartan so the void becomes the framework to let Angel's strident (yet beautiful) wail give you chills. Enjoy the "Don't Give In" video and if you want to support them in their quest to self produce their new album, check out their Kickstarter page (they are coming down to the wire and could use your support)-
Robb Donker

Fresh off their U.S. tour, avant-garde indie rock trio CUSSES have launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking help from fans to raise funds for their second full-length studio album.  The forthcoming album follows their recently released and critically praised self-titled debut, which came out earlier this year.  The Kickstarter campaign features an assortment of unique rewards for fans, including personal videos for fans, vinyl records, photo diaries, screen printed posters, handwritten lyrics, skateboards, racing helmets, intimate performances, a guitar and more!
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“We have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for another music release,” says guitarist Bryan Harder.  “CUSSES has delivered a well-received debut album and seemingly gained a lot of fans and support over the past few years.  We have more music and feel now is the right time to deliver.  Currently, methods of musician survival are spread thinly across the board, and we chose to crowdfund this effort because we see this business model as an industry role-reversal.  Instead of funding and producing something of value that fans will (hopefully) buy into afterwards, we are testing our support system and asking for a commitment beforehand.  If this works, then great!  Our supporters will be the reason the world gets more CUSSES.  If not, we'll roll with the tide and work on another plan... and more music.”
Hailing from Savannah, GA, CUSSES is an enigmatic three piece consisting of the fiery vocalist Angel Bond, drummer Brian Lackey and guitarist Bryan Harder.  The band released their debut self-titled album, CUSSES, in early 2012, which featured a number of highly energetic and eccentric rock songs that are fueled by explosive, crushing riffs and delivered with riotous attitude and unmitigated force including “Don’t Give In” and “Worst Enemy.”
The band’s DIY work ethic and unconventional releases has allowed them total creative control over the last few years, and it’s paying off.  Their hard work slaying crowds on tour and beating down doors of anyone that will listen has garnered the band a rabid network of fans that are spreading the word about the band at a rapid pace.  And CUSSES is only getting started!  With the help of their fans, the band has already written an album that will surely cement their place as one of rock’s most exciting new bands.
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Cusses Tour Dates:
July 19 - Savannah, GA - Jinx
July 20 - Charleston, SC - Tin Roof
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