Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wild Pack Of Canaries- Talk Influences, Record Release Party, and those "Sexual Sounds"

Viva Pomona like any music festival (small or large) is about experiencing the bands you already love and finding new sounds to fall in love with. I met 4/5th of Wild Pack of Canaries who hail from Long Beach, California and conducted an impromptu interview. The conversation rambled over influences, things to come and those "sexual sounds." Hopefully next time around I can speak to guitarist / vocalist J.P. Bendzinski as well.
-Robb Donker

Wild Pack of Canaries is Rudy De Anda (Vocals / Guitar), Alfred Hernandez (Drums / Keys), Matisse Ibarra (Manipulator), J.P, Bendzinski (Guitar / Vocals) and Miguel Vazques (Bass)

The Wild Pack Of Canaries Record Release on Lolipop Records will be at the Smell in LA on Aug. 2nd with Crystal Antlers, The Electric Magpie from San Francisco and Your Ugly Sister.