Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cutty Flam- release video for "Robot Heart" - a Big Slice of Dreamy

Cutty Flam crafts spartan vintage rock sounds with an indie twist that feels a bit like they exist in an alternate 1950's universe. In this other world, teens would shimmy and slow dance to Cutty Flam's self described prom punk in a basketball gymnasium.  As opposed to bands like Shannon and the Clams who bring their Do Wop punk to a more hyper-reality in the John Water's vein, Cutty Flam, sonically, keeps things a bit less wild. In this bizarro 50's world, I suppose that Cutty Flam would be the ones wearing the slacks and hearts on their sleeves and Shannon and the Clams would be the kids across the tracks with snarled lips and cigs rolled up in the sleeves of their T-shirts.

Robot Heart is a track off of their upcoming album of the same name due to drop March 21st. The guitar rhythm sliding and picking feels as nostalgic and cool as the song itself. Check out the video- crank it up and feel all dreamy.
Robb Donker


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