Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Vibekills - Common People (Demos) EP - Full Flavored Rock Blend of indie / pop punk / power pop

The Vibekills (don't you just love that name?) are a 4 piece rock band from Los Angeles. Truth be told, I don't know all that much about them but when I saw their name on the Viva Pomona Poster (see below) I felt drawn in to see what they were all about. While I didn't find out much about the band I did find their latest digital offering called Common People and while this EP is a short burst of only 4 songs totaling only a little over 10 minutes I will take quality over quantity any day and all these song are killer. Well crafted and catchy as hell they are full of dynamic musical breaks and changes. They will go from a hard post punk sound and switch on a dime to a more surfy punk or power pop feel and then even toss in a kind of grungy punk thing as well. To me, The Vibekills- Common People (Demos) EP feels like the musical blend of bands like Mrs. Magician, Audacity, The Violent Femmes, Weezer and Mozes & The Firstborn. Give them a loud listen. I look forward to hearing more from these guys. As I eluded to earlier they will be playing at the awesome Viva Pomona fest in July.

-Robb Donker

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