Saturday, June 7, 2014

AP Review: The Grinning Ghosts - Demo Two EP- "You Do Apparently Need Fans to Rock" -

The Grinning Ghosts from Orange County, California describe themselves as a scrappy rock and roll band and based on their 4 track tease Demp EP entitled "You Do Apparently Need Fans to Rock" for their soon to be released album they are, indeed, pretty damn scrappy and totally engaging. The terms punk and punk pop are umbrella ones now and cover a lot of flavors. The Grinning Ghosts punk pop flavor is steeped in a 60's Brit rock mad hatter tea of bands like the Kinks and the Stones. Whether they know it or not is a different matter but I hear it especially in songs like Duller than Death with it's bubbly melody and sparkly guitars and Love's A Hole with a Knife with it's proto punk blues rock vibe. Track 1 Everythng for the Girl with it's bedroom lo-fi recording is so fused with this sound that it feels like it could be on a sound track for a black and white Richard Lester flick. Bleed Me which might be the most raw and punky sounding is the mosher on this EP.

The early 60's is mined often in all sorts of ways, some more obvious than others. The Buttertones, Mystic Braves, Shannon and the Clams, White Fence, Ty Segall are just a few bands and / or artists who come immediately to mind who put their own spin on this rich foundation. You can add The Grinning Ghosts to this list at least from what I am hearing on this teaser. I love the sounds, I am a sucker for the indie punk pop that leans to the Brit pop sound. Standout tracks for me are Duller than Death and Bleed Me but all have something to offer. It will be interesting to hear the rest of the songs. Sonically these 4 vary in recording quality and musical tone. I have a feeling that The Grinning Ghosts are still finding their sound (a bit). This is not a criticism, the best bands are always evolving and chasing that sound. From this tease alone I am thoroughly along for the ride.
Robb Donker

Check them out and (as always) if you like what you hear please support them by attending their gigs or purchasing their merch or music. KEEP INDIE MUSIC ALIVE-!!

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