Friday, June 27, 2014

Bailiff release REMISE- Sparkles and Shines

Chicago pop rockers Bailiff is Josh Siegel, Ren Mather and Owen O'Malley. Their current release "Remise" is a vibrant collection of pop rock songs that spreads out it's musical tentacles in all directions. Shake My Heart Awake with it's 70's meets 90's rock strains is power poppy punchy in that Haim sort of way but so much better. It has hit written all over it. You And I glows warmly and powerfully bolstered by an Americana folk and blues rock vibe. Helicopter has a 60's protest song heart. Lookin Away has jagged lines and takes off when the musical lines mirror the vocals. A wonderful surprise is Head In The Clouds with it's beautiful yet dour embrace and Harry Nilsson-esque approach it won me over in 30 seconds.
Robb Donker

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