Monday, July 14, 2014

VIVA POMONA- Random FIVE FOCUS: Chicano Batman, Puro Instinct, The Younger Lovers, Dabble and Prettiest Eyes

VIVA POMONA has a special place in my heart. Not only has it provided a wealth full of fun memories in terms of kick ass performances, the crowds who attend Viva have always been at the top of the heap in terms of reciprocating the love and energy that is up on the stage. It must also be mentioned that Viva Pomona (it it's totality) has been one of the most culturally and ethically diverse music festivals in Southern California. For these reasons those who put this killer festival on and those who enjoy what it has to offer deserve a round of applause.

American Pancake has been covering Viva Pomona from it's inception and number 3 has an incredible line up. As we count down to this glorious event let's do some random highlighting.

TODAY- the focus is on Puro Instinct, Chicano Batman, The Younger Lovers, Dabble and Prettiest Eyes.

Puro Instinct
Fronted by the fetching Kaplan sisters Skylar and Piper, Puro Instinct make music that feels like spun fables lost in a psychedelic post punk synth laden white wash. Mix in a propensity to lean toward a visually glam meets disco thing and you have something that is totally engaging visually and aurally. 

Chicano Batman

Since their birth in 2008 Chicano Batman have been fusing together so many genres of music for so long that the resulting mix sound effortless. In the Batman banter you can hear people say things like "world music" or "cross cultural" or "post punk r and b" or "sock hop jazz fusion" or "East L.A chill wave" and so on and so forth. Whatever you want to call it, even in the jams, it is cool and laid back and made for snuggling with your significant other.

The Younger Lovers

Brontez Purnell aka "The Younger Lovers" churns out lo-fi bedroom punk love songs that sonically makes me think of early 60's sock hop jams ala The Marvelettes mixed in with mid 70's New York pre-punk pop.



Dabble is a new project by David Von Hegedus and Daniel Bonilla, ex members of Natures Son whose self titled album was full of psychedelic tinged roots rock. As Dabble they trade in some of Nature's Son's retro house party music for lush and languid dream pop with experimental touches.

Prettiest Eyes 

This Los Angeles 3 piece outfit churn out a brash heavy bottom sound that is goth punk, part dystopian nightmare, part drug haze and part spaghetti western.

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