Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busker Diaries #1 - City Blue featuring Katie O'Connor - First Installment of a New Documentary Series

Katie O'Connor from Galway, Ireland offers some beautiful sounds and sagely advise in the first installment of Busker Diaries, a series of short music documentaries focusing on a set of diverse musicians who choose to "busk" or play in public areas for donations as one of their venues to distribute their art. In this first glimpse of what appears to be a stellar series, Katie's decision to make her way in Berlin is treated with a lovely touch by director/ cinematographer Fabian Frost and editor Julian Krohn.

  "I think it is good to throw yourself back into the deep end when the pool starts to get shallow or you grow longer legs or whatever happens and sometimes it's just good to go and try something new and be challenged and be in a place that makes you less comfortable than where you are...."
                                                                                                                - Katie O' Connor

I will be sure and check out the next installment and I hope you will too. Check out Katie's story and song, "City Blue."
Robb Donker

Busker Diaries #1 - City Blue from Fabian Frost on Vimeo.

Katie O'Connor: Facebook

Busker Diaries INFO:
Busker Sessions are focusing on a more private side of the musicians, and show them not only on the street as their stage, but also at home and at their most favorite places in the city.
It answers questions about the qualities of working on the street as a stage, freedom vs survival, the street vs the web, the beauty of direct feedback and a lot more.

Every month the producers will pick out a new artist for the series - buskers can apply or be recommended through / at:
email: busker@dieleiter.com

Producer: Julian Krohn, Ex- A&R (Universal Music), freelance artist developer and music
consultant, studied film production and Commercial Music
Art Direction/Camera: Fabian Frost, Photographer & Director, studied Visual Communication
at UdK Berlin,

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