Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jack White Tries to Act in "Would You Fight For My Love"

Over the last few records, Jack White has been taking his brand of music very seriously, so much so that, at times, it can feel somewhat pretentious. What has pulled him back from the edge is his ability to inject the right blend of cool and pulp fiction in his sounds and visions. For the video of "Would You Fight For My Love" White pulls off a ton of style but the brooding bite of the song just doesn't match the staid emotion of his acting and tone of the video itself. For me, White comes off like Michael Jackson in the "Beat It" video, trying to portray the emotions of the song but not succeeding. White (like Jackson) just doesn't have the acting chops to make it work and the video ends up detracting from the song. If you don't believe me, close your eyes midway through the video and feel the song come to life (even more).
Robb Donker

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