Friday, April 3, 2015

Best Coast's Official Video for "Heaven Sent" is, well, heavenly.

In the video for Best Coast's "Heaven Sent" Bethany Cosentino wears a pretty white lace dress and a crown of roses and Bob Bruno a buttoned up shirt. Rose pedals swirl in the air eventually giving way to red heart balloons. Shot with semi-slow motion zest and come hither allure as directed by Lana Kim and Bethany herself, the spartan look combined with a hazy filtered wash kind of mirrors the song itself which feels like Best Cost lush. Dreamy cool stuff.

Robb Donker

NOTES:  Heaven Sent is from Best Coast's third album California Nights due out on May 5th on Harvest Records . I haven't seen Best Coast perform since August of 2013 and am stoked to see them in May at the Shaky Knees Fest in Atlanta.