Monday, July 13, 2015

AP Song Of The Day: "Offer" by Together Pangea

Happy Monday everyone! Don't you just hate people who say that?? Today's Song of the Day is "Offer" by Together Pangea (I still like just calling them Pangea!) from 2014's very awesome Badillac Album.

Please check out the video. While I still am nervous in front of the camera, I am liking the challenge of shooting these little videos and I hope that in doing so, the channel will grow. So far, eh, each track review is not garnering the views I would hope for but I am a patient person. If you like what I am doing, please tell your friends and reach out to me with bands / songs you think might be worth featuring. If you don't like what I am doing, please offer up some opinions on why?? I am, afterall, wanting to learn from this experience.

I also couldn't help but do an impromptu cover of Offer as well. I think I actually left a chord out on the chorus (!!) but it is my version. I have been playing guitar more lately after a long absence. It must mean that I am in a bumming zone because I usually pick up that lovely guitar when things just don't feel right. That guitar is my therapist.

Robb Donker

Official Video:

My slightly lame cover / therapy:

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