Friday, January 8, 2016

DEATH VALLEY DREAMS Mines Emotional Anthems on Self-Titled Debut- Hear "Words Like Fire"

When I listened to the first track off of DEATH VALLEY DREAMS self titled debut EP called Words Like Fire I smiled broadly. There is a sonic emotion that you feel in bands as disparate as Springsteen, Wolf Parade, The Killers, Japandroids and Titus Andronicus that is under the big rock umbrella and strictly American. It is wistful, fueled with the right amount of drama, feels a bit bruised and battered, can feel cynical but in the end has that glimmer of hope, that feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep fighting. I was happy to feel that kind of vibe in Words Like Fire. The refrain "All fucked up ... no where to go" amid the crescendos of sound hooked me in.

This artful tendency to go big but churn out emotion continues with the anthemic Darker Years. The vocal performance, to me, has that charge and long sustain of a Brandon Flowers with the grit of a Richard Butler and undertone of Paul Banks. It feels like arena indie rock tempered with almost baroque rock synth sounds. Turn Out Those Eyes has a deep indie rock groove with a almost late 80's Pop Rock tone. Another flavor, another song that feels more intimate and smaller than the previous songs but equally catchy and smile inducing.

The last two songs show other wonderful facets of DEATH VALLEY DREAMS. Take a Look at Yourself starts with trippy controlled feed back like tones and then settles into its groove. It has a wanderlust heart and feels so celebratory in it's post punk stance. Never Meant for Anyone is beautifully poignant, Nick Coyles voice mines deep undertones that feel Bowie-esque before he reaches his higher registers. This is such a fucking tortured indie / psych ballad with forlorn guitar strains and sounds that lift you up in it's sad embrace. It might just be the one song that I don't feel that glimmer of hope I started off this review with and maybe that is why it is so moving.

- Robb Donker

Press notes: Death Valley Dreams- debut EP drops worldwide (digitally) on January 15th.
The 4 piece indie rock / new wave / neo-psychedelic / post punk band from Pennysylvania consists of long time friend and band- mates Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Campion) and Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross) who recently reunited Ryan Dougherty and Matt Rutkoski.

Track Listing:
1.  Words Like Fire
2.  The Darker Years
3.  Turn Out Those Eyes
4.  Take A Look At Yourself
5.  Never Meant For Anyone


Nick Coyle - Vox/Guitar/Keys
Jon Nova - Guitar/Keys/Vox
Ryan Dougherty - Bass/Vox
Matt Rutkoski - Drums/Samples/

Death Valley Dreams Online:


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