Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kirsten Izer - Ramps Up Amps Up The Emotional Weight In Her Latest Track - "UP"

The new bedroom recording by Kirsten Izer entitled "Up" is a bittersweet blend of guitars, synth and beats that is simply perfect in it's emotional execution. Izer not only wrote and produced the track but self filmed, directed and edited the video. I first featured Kirsten back in August (see here) and at that time I heard, felt the core of her talent and expected big things for her. After that she posted some material that in my humble opinion felt a little derivative and in the surfy indie framework. It still showed promise but I got the sense that this young artist was finding her way.

To be clear, in whatever style she expresses herself Izer does put her heart out there but on this latest track "Up" she digs deep. The strength of her writing and her exquisite self awareness and ability to emote vulnerability and youthful confusion and ennui is what makes this track really special. I love everything about it. Kirsten Izer has and will continue to have a myriad of wavelengths to her music but for me she hit the exact right spectrum on this track. When "Up" begins (from a sonic standpoint) I thought of classic Cyndi Lauper. Cherry Glazerr also popped in my mind a couple of times for whatever reason. It may be the abstract feel here and there but it is Izer solely who crafts the emotional weight. To call the song a love song would not be wrong but it certainly is not one in a traditional sense. As Izer paints pictures of tenderly bolstering her love and her love's struggle to find himself the lyrics create imagery in your mind, "we go dancing in our old shoes.... rusty rhinestones held together by some glue"  and  "I forgot my money and you forgot your job but it's ok honey" or "you see the man you want to be.... that's all that matters to me".  There are too many emotional gems like that to share but I would only ruin your listening experience.

Amazing track that I truly hope catches fire. I want to add that the guitar sounds and musical break (brief lead guitar) is awesome and perfectly matches the emotional wave of the song. Kirsten Izer you should be very proud of this one. One more thing Kirsten, if you are reading this: The song is so good that is feels short, I mean I can listen to it on replay a dozen times. While I would not encourage you to lengthen it I would hope that you explore building the musical break up live- I think the emotional crescendo made even bigger would be rad. Love this song.
Robb Donker

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