Friday, January 29, 2016

Robbie Cavanagh's "Which Way to New York" New Single and Official Video is Full of Wanderlust and Beautiful Sadness

Robbie Cavanagh's latest track "Which Way to New York" is instantly captivating. The Manchester (U.K) singer songwriter possesses a tender folk style that erupts with movement and a vocal tone with a deep well of emotion. It feels like wanderlust and a soul that has seen it's share of heartache. As I listened intently to "Which Way to New York" certain artists came to mind like The Milk Carton Kids, Damien Rice, Paul Simon and even Kurt Vile.

The accompanying video (see below) directed by Jessica Fox and shot / edited by Tom Rout adds more emotional punch to the song. The single will be released by Great Beyond Records. Those of you lucky enough to be in Robbie's neck of the woods can see him (with full band) at the Castle Hotel in Manchester on February the 2nd.

Robb Donker

The Castle Hotel, Manchester.
Tuesday 2nd February.

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