Monday, May 2, 2016

Watch This / Listen to This-- featuring Toronto's Indoor Voices - "So Smart" (White Flashes Remix) and Scenes from "Mr. Nobody"

Toronto Dream Pop Shoegazers Indoor Voices create songs / sounds that evoke the stuff that dreams are made of. Their music inspire the macro and microcosmic emotions of life. What better imagery to cast their sound upon than Jaco Van Dormael's 2009 Sci-fi drama and mind bender "Mr. Nobody" starring Jared Leto as Nemo Nobody, a 118 year old man who is the last mortal on Earth after the human race at large have achieved a quasi-immortality. You know the concept here (we hope) by now. Just mute the video, then push play on the Indoor Voices track below the So Smart (White Flashes Remix) then immediately push play on the video. Enjoy.

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  1. Immortality has been just dream for all of us. But the content shared here proved that elixir of immortality does exist. Great work. Thanks for sharing.