Saturday, October 27, 2018

Danish band Felines and the dreamy punk doo wop sway of "Outside" from their EP "Saying It Twice Makes It Real"

Outside from the Danish band Felines feels like dream pop pushed through punk doo wop filters. The echoed boomp boomp boomp bop beat could be from a 60's girl band song with big hair and glittery dresses but the melodies while bittersweet don't sound as defeated. The vocal presence is passionate, somber but strong. In the end the song plays and feels terribly earnest and the spartan production has such nice embellishments from bells to lush bending guitar notes that reinforce the story. Very cool sounds. 

Felines are Asta Louisa Bjerre (bass, vocals), Ditte Melgaard (guitar, vocals), Mei Long Bao (drums, vocals), Kristian Bønløkke (synth) and are based out of Copenhagen. Their EP "Saying It Twice Makes It Real" is out on vinyl through Crunchy Frog (DK), with a cassette version on Burger Records (USA). Awesome.

Robb Donker

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