Monday, October 22, 2018

Singer Songwriter Ian McFarland- and the indie sweetness of "Tell A Lie"

Tell A Lie by L.A. based singer-songwriter Ian McFarland has a cadence that feels like it is riding the rails or maybe a bicycle through small town streets with someone you love. From top to bottom the song is painted with an earnest sweetness. McFarland, originally from Portsmouth, New Hampshire has traveled the world playing shows and gathering fodder for his songs. A multi-instrumentalist McFarland plays the bulk of the instruments on many of his solo projects. On Tell A Lie he got a little help from his friends, McFarland handling guitar, vocals, tambourine with engineer / producer Ryan Melone on stomps and claps and Eric Deluca on bass.  Ian McFarland is currently in the studio and planning a move to NYC in 2019.

Robb Donker

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