Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Bent Antenna stirs up proto / retro psychedelic rock tones on "The Party's Over"

The Party's Over by Bent Antenna has classic rock bones, a delicious vocal performance and cool vibes. It rides on a drum beat that snaps despite a chill cadence, with heavy build ups that repeat again and again stirring 70's garden rock tones swaying like slow motion head banging with elements of power pop and folk psyche rock. When the tambourine comes in and glorious party becomes more upbeat you can't help but smile. Yeah, this band, song is just fucking cool.

Robb Donker

Bent Antenna was formed in 2018 in Madison, WI by Matt Earley and CA Grooms. Matt had been writing and recording by himself as "The Delicate Delegate" for a few years, but was missing collaboration with other musicians. CA was spending time making visual art, recording other bands in his studio, and writing his own songs. After meeting through a mutual friend they decided to try making music together and began playing shows as Bent Antenna switching off on guitar and drums as a two-piece. 
  • In July of 2018 Bent Antenna opened for Lou Barlow introducing them to a larger crowd that had never seen them. In the crowd was bassist Lisa Marine (Noah John, Tiny Band) who approached them about teaming up. They rounded out the new ensemble with former Killdozer drummer Dan Hobson and began fleshing out their sound. Expanding the group has allowed them to focus on the layered guitars and harmonies that define their sound. And there was much rejoicing.

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