Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Album Review: Nature's Son Self Titled Album - An Expansive Musical Trip

The self titled album by Rancho Cucamonga, California's Nature's Son contain indie sounds drenched in 60's R & B and psychedelic roots rock and often times feels like a live house party. It makes for a potent and passionate record. If you put iconic 60's artists like Booker T and the MGs, The Kingsmen, Them, Eddie Cochran, the Doors, and Bob Dylan (yes- if he was a punker) PLUS copious amounts of beer in a huge sonic blender and hit liquefy the musical brew would sound like Nature's Son (for the most part, I'll get to that later).

Whether it is the folk-ish Transience with a cool vocal by Steven Moctezuma (guitar/ lead vocals) whose voice is awash in a kind of hangover haze or the almost punk rockabilly swagger of Call It Anything with Daniel Bonilla handling lead vocals (drums /vocals) or Cali Snob that descends into this hollow groove of dirty psychedelic guitars and organ strains- all the music feels real and raw in a good way. Te Quiero and You Gotta Move wear the 60's R&B rock persona front and center with long jams, solid walking bass lines by Daniel Moctezuma (bass / vocals) and a Farfisa sounding organ sound courtesy of David Von Hegedus (Guitar / organs / vocals). Te Quiero has the lazy sun soaked indie shuffle of a band like the Allah Las but decidedly grittier, more distorted and frankly more bad ass. It is like Corona versus Jack Daniels. Or a 1966 Dodge Dart versus a 68 Dodge Charger RT.

While I did say the album has a 60's feel there are a few exceptions. Unaware to me has a decidedly more post punk indie feel- with powerful drum beats and stirring keys. In a similar way, I'm Still Here stirs in catchy indie rock with elements more akin to the Stooges meets Tropical Punk. Dozing which in some distant way has such a sweet vibe conjuring up bands like Interpol and the Cure even. I love this song and how the tempo ramps down as the guitars counter play some really elegant melodies. It is dreamy and airy and a wonderful way to end a super solid album. Nature's Son is an album that engages you from start to finish. There is a bipolar nature to it though, a shift in tone but it doesn't bother me in the least because each musical half exhibits solid song writing stuffed full of instrumental and vocal passion. In the end, it is an expansive musical trip worth taking.

Nature's Son:
Steven Moctezuma - Guitar/ vocals
Daniel Moctezuma - Bass/vocals
David Von Hegedus - Organ/guitar/ Vocals
Danny Bonilla - Drums/ Vocals on tracks "call it anything" and "Cali Snob"

Robb Donker

You can stream the album here: Nature's Son Bandcamp
Nature's Son Facebook 

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