Saturday, June 28, 2014

LOLIPALOOZA - Dale Bozzio, Shannon and the Clams, The Lovely Bad Things, Adult Books, Froth, Peach Kelli Pop, Girl Tears, Dirt Dress, So Many Wizards and a WHOLE LOT MORE - TODAY july 28TH

OH YES- LOLIPALOOZA is today and I am stoked and tired at the same time. Plan is to download some RedBulls and let the music amp me up. This is brought to you by Lolipop Records and check out the DJ support going on in the left had corner of the poster. OMFG- this is going to be lovely, killer, rad and any other adjective (contemporary or otherwise) that you can come up with.

Like any day crammed full of bands on three stages with overlapping set times it can feel like a creative crisis when you have to make that choice between choosing between your fav bands to be on YOUR basketball team. This might be my last big LA festival type of thing because I am moving out of state so I am going to enjoy every band I have the opportunity to see. Have fun people!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bailiff release REMISE- Sparkles and Shines

Chicago pop rockers Bailiff is Josh Siegel, Ren Mather and Owen O'Malley. Their current release "Remise" is a vibrant collection of pop rock songs that spreads out it's musical tentacles in all directions. Shake My Heart Awake with it's 70's meets 90's rock strains is power poppy punchy in that Haim sort of way but so much better. It has hit written all over it. You And I glows warmly and powerfully bolstered by an Americana folk and blues rock vibe. Helicopter has a 60's protest song heart. Lookin Away has jagged lines and takes off when the musical lines mirror the vocals. A wonderful surprise is Head In The Clouds with it's beautiful yet dour embrace and Harry Nilsson-esque approach it won me over in 30 seconds.
Robb Donker

Friday, June 13, 2014

AP Review: The Squids (formerly Heroes and Heroines) - "Wizard of Loneliness" EP - Stays True...

Back in 2012 American Pancake dove into Heroes and Heroines - Two Weeks 7 inch which we likened to stepping into a 1960's Super 8 movie reel. The translucent guitar, Farfisa style organ and prepubescent sounding vocals harkened back to the Smile period of the Beach Boys. The boys are back as The Squids and their spanking brand new EP named "Wizard of Loneliness" still veers into similar musical territory but the boys have traded some of those lush sounds for a more straight 60's rock feel. You can feel the surf rock / sock hop rock of iconic bands like the Bobby Fuller Four, The Ventures, The Trashmen fused with a bit of 80's new wave of bands like The Beat and Blondie even. It is still all filtered through their rose colored glass imbued with a genuine sweetness. Centered deep in these songs are sweeping melodies and a longing for romance. Drag is pretty amazing in it's scope. It feels big. It stirs up images of early Blondie. Loving it. Twiddler is sock hop punk at it's most pure. It feels like a tortured love play with cigarettes rolled up in it's sleeves. Loving this too. Blondie with its hand claps and harried feel begs to be danced to. At a certain point the guitars get thicker and combined with the drum beat it plunges into a new wave vibe like a Plimsouls song. This kind of decade jump happens in a few of the songs and I like the heavier feel. You b/w Me has the plucky clean guitar lead mirroring the lead vocal and it sounds really cool. The melody still deeply rooted in a 60's vibe stealthily moves into an almost tropical punk tone. The build up is sweetly done and I could of listened to just that for 3 more minutes straight. Mighty Mouse with it's rabid organ downbeats and pop fury is adolescent angst personified and feels like a lighter version of early Elvis Costello.

The Squids "Wizard of Loneliness" time warps strident guitars, defiant bass and drum lines with breaking waves of organs sounds and pure vocals producing catchy heartfelt songs that could be described as sock hop / bubblegum / power punk pop (or something like that). Like that girl or guy at the dance with glitter in their hair these songs are easy to fall in love with.
Robb Donker

"Wizard of Loneliness" is available on Cassette via Lollipop Records

Saturday, June 7, 2014


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New York based one man project, BL_NK  SP_C_S is set to release his debut album on the fledgling You Records label on the 2nd of June 2014.
‘Memory Man’, recorded with producer Martin Dubka (Aeroplane / Kitsune), features ten tracks including the recent critically acclaimed and BBC 6Music,  XFM and Amazing Radio endorsed download single ‘The Great Shark Hunt’. A special video single of the ‘Memory Man’track, which was inspired by David Bowie's 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' and Maya Deren's classic  'Meshes Of The Afternoon' short, can be viewed here;

WATCH -  ‘Memory Man’ -
BL_NK  SP_C_S began making his own take on electronic pop music last year and records everything on tape in his bedroom based analogue studio. His synth laden melodies, krautrock guitars and pop sensibilities draw influence from Eno, Neu, Morricone and The The, but there is something truly new and exciting about his sound. Soaring and uplifting there are too may highlights to mention, but album opener ‘A Parting Gift’, ‘Sneaking Back In’,  ‘No Sleep’, ‘Start’, Heavy The Lay The Crown’ and the eponymous album title track are as diverse and catchy as any great songs you will hear this year and beyond.

Album Tracklisting:
01. A Parting Gift
02. Too Far Gone
03. Sneaking Back In
04. No Sleep
05. Start!
06. The Great Shark Hunt
07. As Good As It Gets
08. Heavy Lay The Crown
09. Memory Man
10. Talk The Talk

AP Review: The Grinning Ghosts - Demo Two EP- "You Do Apparently Need Fans to Rock" -

The Grinning Ghosts from Orange County, California describe themselves as a scrappy rock and roll band and based on their 4 track tease Demp EP entitled "You Do Apparently Need Fans to Rock" for their soon to be released album they are, indeed, pretty damn scrappy and totally engaging. The terms punk and punk pop are umbrella ones now and cover a lot of flavors. The Grinning Ghosts punk pop flavor is steeped in a 60's Brit rock mad hatter tea of bands like the Kinks and the Stones. Whether they know it or not is a different matter but I hear it especially in songs like Duller than Death with it's bubbly melody and sparkly guitars and Love's A Hole with a Knife with it's proto punk blues rock vibe. Track 1 Everythng for the Girl with it's bedroom lo-fi recording is so fused with this sound that it feels like it could be on a sound track for a black and white Richard Lester flick. Bleed Me which might be the most raw and punky sounding is the mosher on this EP.

The early 60's is mined often in all sorts of ways, some more obvious than others. The Buttertones, Mystic Braves, Shannon and the Clams, White Fence, Ty Segall are just a few bands and / or artists who come immediately to mind who put their own spin on this rich foundation. You can add The Grinning Ghosts to this list at least from what I am hearing on this teaser. I love the sounds, I am a sucker for the indie punk pop that leans to the Brit pop sound. Standout tracks for me are Duller than Death and Bleed Me but all have something to offer. It will be interesting to hear the rest of the songs. Sonically these 4 vary in recording quality and musical tone. I have a feeling that The Grinning Ghosts are still finding their sound (a bit). This is not a criticism, the best bands are always evolving and chasing that sound. From this tease alone I am thoroughly along for the ride.
Robb Donker

Check them out and (as always) if you like what you hear please support them by attending their gigs or purchasing their merch or music. KEEP INDIE MUSIC ALIVE-!!

Friday, June 6, 2014


The US premiere of “Dancing World” is now live on Pancakes & Whiskey! This is the first single and title track from his upcoming EP set for digital release on July 15th. The Dancing World EP is the first of a two-part “ode to conflict, both internal and external.”

The “Dancing World” video follows two wandering, convulsing souls through the streets -- from mundane domestic rooms into dark, spinning subrealities. A simple message echoes: keep dancing and everything’s going to be okay.

While embracing its darker notes, “Dancing World” celebrates congregation, a song both hypnotic and free. The track is now available to stream on SoundCloud along with two remixes and a unique take on The Real McCoy’s “Another Night” featuring Stella Mozgawa of indie-favorite Warpaint.

Clockwise records, performs, produces, and mixes all his records, which include the critically acclaimed Classic FM and The Socialite. A SXSW favorite, he has toured with The Black Keys, The Wailers, Julian Casablancas, The Adicts, and Warpaint.

Known for his legendary, verbose shows (think LCD Soundsystem meets Nick Cave), Clockwise has fostered a loyal international fan base and a well-deserved reputation as an artistic wunderkind of the new generation of independent musicians.

Clockwise recently concluded a sold-out month long residency at Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles and additional performances will be announced soon!

"Big" Album by Wrong Body- Boston Mass Indie / Prog / Post Punk Rockers Full Length Debut Album Kills

Been listening to Wrong Body a lot this past week- Their "Big" album is pretty wonderful. Most of it is a prog / grunge / post punk blend with equal parts gravel and soft rose pedals. Some way powerfully chunky chords ala Soundgarden but with varied musical elements of 80'spower pop like Burning Sensations and X combined with Alice in Chains, The Police, and prog rockers like At The Drive In even. A great stew of sounds that work well-- and then amidst all the fury you got the beautiful track entitled King Krusher.
Check out the full album.

Robb Donker 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Retro Video of the Week: Kids On A Crime Spree - "Creep The Creeps"

Looking like something between film noir and a Warhol film, the video for Kids On A Crime Spree's "Creep The Creeps" follows a comely femme fatale who listens to Slumberland Radio while she prepares to... well, you'll see. The smartly edited video move briskly and is soaked in 60's conventions as is Kids On A Crime Spree.

Creep The Creeps 7 in is available on Slumberland Records: www.

You can catch Kids On A Crime Spree at Viva Pomona in July (see poster below)

Day 1 -

Day 2 - 

The Orwells - "Disgraceland" is out Today!! Plus check out the limited edition Clear Vinyl and Jersey!

The Orwells  header
  "Disgraceland" is out today.

There are still a few bundles left that
you can order from the official store.

Celebrating with a week's worth of events in Chicago:
June 16th - In-store performance and signing at Reckless Records at 5PM (3126 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60657)
June 17th - Performing Live on JBTV Chicago
June 19th - WKQX and RiotFest Presents The Orwells at Schubas Album Release Party - FREE SHOW!

Yesterday: The premiere video for North Ave.
Check it out here:
The Orwells - North Ave. video

Tickets are on sale now for the Fall tour with SKATERS.

September 08, 2014

A&R Music Bar, Columbus, OH

September 09, 2014

Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH

September 11, 2014

Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, PA

September 12, 2014

Deluxe, Indianapolis, IN

September 20, 2014

Kilby Court Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

September 21, 2014

Nuerolux, Boise, ID

  The Orwells are also performing on Late Night with David Letterman again on June 10th so set your DVR's so you don't miss it.

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