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American Pancake has not been shy about our love for VIVA POMONA which is always a blast and always one of the most culturally diverse indie music festivals in Southern California. This event takes place today July 19th and tomorrow July 20th.

SEE set times so you can plan your day. Like all festivals we all wait with baited breath for the set times. UNDOUBTEDLY some people will have issues with the times, the overlapping or this band or that band and even the fact that their band is only playing for 30 minutes (which is pretty standard really) but get over it and get into it! Go to VIVA and create memories!! I DO HOPE that you also try to go see a bunch of bands that YOU have NEVER seen before or maybe even never heard of. One of the most beautiful thing about festivals and especially about VIVA POMONA is discovering shiny new gems of music.

WHICH Stage appeals to you the most??  AMERICAN PANCAKE will hover and try to see all the bands but especially keen on seeing: Postlife, The Garden, Porter, Dorotheo, Puro Instinct, Kids on a Crime Spree, Phaxanation and the Dust Kickers, So Many Wizards, EL Mato A Un Policia Motorizdo, The Buttertones, Roses, Haunted Summer, Upset and !!! Chk Chk Chk.

AND- AMERICAN PANCAKE will be DJing at the REDBULL DJ Truck on Sunday at around 6PM--


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WIN FREE TIX TO VIVA POMONA 3 via The AP Viva Pomona Crossword Puzzle!!

Win a Pair of Tix to go to BOTH days of VIVA POMONA!! ON July 19th and 20th. 

How to Enter!!  JUST fill in the Names of some of the performing Bands per the clues below.
You can click on the pic and print it out if you want. Fill it out and then take a phone pic of your finished
crossword puzzle and send the pic to our FACEBOOK page or Twitter Page.
If that is too hard just list the answers and post on our FACEBOOK page. All correct entries will be dropped in an American Pancake hat and a random winner selected.
WE will announce the Winner by Thursday night at Midnight California Time!!

Get Tix

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VIVA POMONA- Random FIVE FOCUS: Chicano Batman, Puro Instinct, The Younger Lovers, Dabble and Prettiest Eyes

VIVA POMONA has a special place in my heart. Not only has it provided a wealth full of fun memories in terms of kick ass performances, the crowds who attend Viva have always been at the top of the heap in terms of reciprocating the love and energy that is up on the stage. It must also be mentioned that Viva Pomona (it it's totality) has been one of the most culturally and ethically diverse music festivals in Southern California. For these reasons those who put this killer festival on and those who enjoy what it has to offer deserve a round of applause.

American Pancake has been covering Viva Pomona from it's inception and number 3 has an incredible line up. As we count down to this glorious event let's do some random highlighting.

TODAY- the focus is on Puro Instinct, Chicano Batman, The Younger Lovers, Dabble and Prettiest Eyes.

Puro Instinct
Fronted by the fetching Kaplan sisters Skylar and Piper, Puro Instinct make music that feels like spun fables lost in a psychedelic post punk synth laden white wash. Mix in a propensity to lean toward a visually glam meets disco thing and you have something that is totally engaging visually and aurally. 

Chicano Batman

Since their birth in 2008 Chicano Batman have been fusing together so many genres of music for so long that the resulting mix sound effortless. In the Batman banter you can hear people say things like "world music" or "cross cultural" or "post punk r and b" or "sock hop jazz fusion" or "East L.A chill wave" and so on and so forth. Whatever you want to call it, even in the jams, it is cool and laid back and made for snuggling with your significant other.

The Younger Lovers

Brontez Purnell aka "The Younger Lovers" churns out lo-fi bedroom punk love songs that sonically makes me think of early 60's sock hop jams ala The Marvelettes mixed in with mid 70's New York pre-punk pop.



Dabble is a new project by David Von Hegedus and Daniel Bonilla, ex members of Natures Son whose self titled album was full of psychedelic tinged roots rock. As Dabble they trade in some of Nature's Son's retro house party music for lush and languid dream pop with experimental touches.

Prettiest Eyes 

This Los Angeles 3 piece outfit churn out a brash heavy bottom sound that is goth punk, part dystopian nightmare, part drug haze and part spaghetti western.

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LOLIPALOOZA 2014- Was a Tasty Little Sucker and the Start of Something Big-!!

Lolipalooza At The Echo/Echoplex, Saturday June 28th 2014

Wyatt Blair is one of those guys who will slowly take over a piece of the world or rather shape and make his special piece of the world pie the way he likes it to be and, as a result, we all will benefit. I don't mean this in the mad, control freak kind of way but in the true sense of the dogged hard working American dreamer sort of way. A slacker he is NOT. He hit my radar screen years ago when he was drumming for Trmrs. He was also recording his own stuff and recording other bands. Since then he, at times, has seemed to be omnipresent in the LA and Orange County- California music scene. It seemed for a while that if you saw any 10 bands, any particular week that Wyatt would be in one of them lending support on drums or guitar. Besides his own main bands (as himself) Wyatt Blair and Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, he has played (on occasion) as part of Feeding People, Peach Kelli Pop, The Cosmonauts, Tmrs and Marz and the Mess all the while finding time to establish his Loli Pop Records Label and eventually the store front. All this hard hard work and love has culminated in the first ever Loli Pop Record music fest (of sorts) aptly named LOLIPALOOZA which took place (a stones throw away from the Loli Pop Records storefront) at the iconic California venues The Echo and the Echoplex plus an outside patio stage.

The two clubs connect to each other by a ramped walkway and patio which made for some interesting traffic jams at times but the whole affair went off without any major stumbles at all. Set times fell into place and the atmosphere was pretty chill. There was no heavy handed security, in fact, not much visible security to speak of. No pat downs or over intrusive looks into peoples belongings. I even brought in a can of Arizona Iced Tea which, as innocuous as that sounds, would of been a no no at some other festivals. At Burgerama 3 the personal searches including un-gloved hands on bodies which were pretty intrusive and took so long people missed set by early bands. Nothing like that at Lolipalooza. I actually felt like I was being treated like a responsible adult.

As is always the case when I attend any multi-stage event, I missed way more artists than I actually saw. I used to run around and try to cover every single act and while it made for a better overall blog write up it surely didn't make for a fun day so now I just end up where I end up even if it is hanging with friends for an hour straight. There was a lot of that going on, people content to hang out and party in any way they felt was appropriate until it was time to see the bands they came to see. I also tend to gravitate to bands that away from the stage are just nice people and Girl Tears is one of those bands. They played a tight punchy set as always as a two piece outfit because bassist Tristan was attending a wedding (nice guys remember?) but Kam with his jagged guitar attacks and Sal on drums filled in the spaces nicely. Yeah, I missed the bottom bass movements but it was a great set just the same.

I stood and watched Feels and enjoyed their set all the while not registering that they were (formerly) Raw Geronimo. That is just like me. Their sound feels more post punk poppy than before as RG had a definite melodramatic trippy vibe. I like both approaches and will keep checking their sounds out. I had never heard Burning Palms before (who hail from Arizona) and they pretty much blew me away. After their set, Wyatt walked by and I shared my enthusiasm saying, "These guys are fucking awesome." They were pretty rad. To me, they felt like a blend of post punk and dare I say, goth rock. The rhythm section jammed with the ferocity of Thee Oh Sees and the lead girl singers / guitarist kind of vaselated between a kind of Siouxsie and the Banshees trippyness and a Chrissie Hynde rockishness. Yes, I like to make up words. Simone Stopford with her in your face guitar stance played some chunky spaghetti western surfy sounds and Julia Deconcini with her gothic wail and accents on a tom tom made for a formidable presence. I suggest you check out this band live.

LA rockers Corners played a super catchy set. Their sounds feels surfy and pyschedelic but also veers into new wavish brit rock from time to time. Dirt Dress creates their own atmosphere that you want to happily float in. This was the first time I had seen Dante Elephante and they were one of my favorites of the day. Well crafted songs played with equal parts passion and sweet charm attracted a packed crowd. Adult Books sounded like a band named Adult Books should. You need to see them live. Their assault of sound can not be fully captured on a record. Their set jammed.

In the crowd surfing category, pound for pound, The Lovely Bad Things took the trophy (what kind of trophy would this look like??). Besides the almost constant stage diving from audience members, 3 out of 4 of the Lovely Bad Things crowd surfed during their explosive set (two with guitars strapped on). Playing mostly fan favorites, they did slip in some new songs. The interactions with the crowd grew crazier during their set at one point the crowd tossing guitarist Tim Hatch back onto the stage resulting in a tumble that from my vantage point looked like he was dropped on his head. He popped up unscathed and proceeded to crowd surf again. Their set was so loudly fun and crazy that Froth who followed them sounded almost underwhelming for at least the first third of their set. As the vibe in the room transitioned their fan base was packed in tight and they played a trippy dancy set full of chill shuffles and sweet lead lines.

I wasn't to keen on seeing Dale Bozzio. To me, she didn't seem to fit into the larger feel of the festival. I think my feeling of blah was exacerbated by the fact that she is thought of synonymously with Missing Persons and really billed as such but her current line up has little to do with Missing Persons. As I started to watch her set I thought that this current band might work better playing at an Indian Casino or Vegas or something like that. When Dale sang the line from Destination Unknown:  "Can you hear me?? Do you care?" I thought to myself, yes, I can but I don't really care. As I started to leave to catch friends outside, the seasoned performer changed my mind. Maybe it was her somewhat scattered yet charming patter between songs or the fact that she talked about her kids. Whatever it was, she won me over big time. It was pretty damn engaging once I got into it and in the end her set touched me in some emotional way.

I have seen Shannon and The Clams at least a dozen times and with every new listen I cannot believe how unbelievably cool Shannon's vocal performance sounds. The nuances in her tone and grit in the bite of her phrasings amplify the take on their sound. Feeling rather burned out I admit to skipping out before Thee Oh Sees hit the Echoplex stage. Yeah, that is a dumb call on my part but I have seen them a few times before and knew I was going to fully immerse myself in their performance at Viva Pomona. At least that was my rationale for heading home and catching some much needed shut eye.

LOLIPALOOZA simply kicked ass. It was a great mix of bands and cool people attending. I did not witness one, not one incident of asshole-ish behavior. It was simply a good time, through and though. Kudos for Lolipop Records, Wyatt Blair and everyone else who made the festival happen.

Robb Donker

Hit the links below for good coverage and pics and such- Take care people- have fun, be safe and support great music!

Opening pics courtesy of:
More Lolipalooza coverage here:

THE GLASS HOUSE MEDIA ALERT for 7/9/2014!!! ** THE NEVER ENDING (w/ Debby Ryan) 7/17 ** FYF Presents: THE MURDER CITY DEVILS (8/26) ** 20 YEARS with THE AQUABATS (9/19) **

First up, The Never Ending will be here in just 9 days!

The Never Ending Admat (EDIT) 500.jpg

Yes it's short notice, but we're so excited to have Debby Ryan's new outfit, The Never Ending hit our stage on July 17th! The Never Ending have a new EP out called "One" and they're taking the show on the road. Radio Disney has been rocking their tunes and the buzz is only becoming more and more intense. Make sure to guarantee your admission. Tickets are on sale now!

Official The Never Ending Website: Click Here
Preview the new EP, "One": Click Here
Official Ticket Link: Click Here

Next up, in August FYF Presents: The Murder City Devils at The Glass House!

Murder City Devils Web Admat 500.jpg

On August 26th, The Murder City Devils are making their way to Pomona post - FYF Fest and they're going to garage punk - rock us proper! If you didn't get enough of them at FYF or if you simply didn't get the chance to catch them, we're happy to provide you with your backup plan! Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 11th @ 10am!

Official The Murder City Devils Website: Click Here
Check out their latest release "Pale Disguise": Click Here
Official Ticket Link: Click Here

Finally, it's been 20 years of flat out joy with The Aquabats! Come celebrate with us on September 19th!

Aquabats Admat Web (EDIT) 500.jpg

Believe it or not The Aquabats have been bringing pure unadulterated joy to a worldwide audience for 20 years!!! They've made the very wise decision to take this opportunity to bang out another tour! On September 19th they'll be hitting The Glass House stage and we can't wait for the shenanigans to ensue!  These tickets are sure to go fast so make sure you get yours as soon as you can. Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 11th at 12:00 noon

Official The Aquabats Website: Click Here
Check out all the good stuff on their YouTube feed: Click Here
Official Ticket Link: Click Here


Bleeding Through w/ Winds of Plague / Scars of Tomorrow / Lionheart / Us Against the Martyrs
July 13th / The Glass House / Doors: 6 pm / all ages / $15 adv / $17 dos / On Sale Now

The Never Ending 
July 17th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $20 / On Sale Now

Viva! Pomona - See the website for lineup: Click Here
July 19th - 20th / The Glass House and More / Doors: 5 pm / all ages / $20 / On Sale Now 

Lyrics Born w/ OKIM / C.O.P.E. / T.R.F.L.
July 23rd / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $15 / On Sale Now

Say Anything w/ The Front Bottoms / The So So Glos / You Blew It!
July 25th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $21 adv / $25 dos / On Sale Now

Goldenvoice and LED Presents: RL Grime w/ Groundislava / Nick Melons
July 26th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $25 adv. / $30 dos / SOLD OUT


Dan Deacon
July 31st / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $15 / On Sale Now

Bless The Fall / Chiodos (co-headline) w/ I Killed the Prom Queen / Capture the Crown
August 2nd / The Glass House / Doors: 6 pm / all ages / $17.50 adv / $20 dos / On Sale Now

August 1st / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $20 GA / $50 VIP / On Sale Now

Bless the Fall / Chiodos (co-headline) w/ I Killed the Prom Queen / Capture the Crown
August 2nd / The Glass House / Doors: 6 pm / all ages / $17.50 adv / $20 dos / On Sale Now

Chiodos / Bless the Fall (co-headline) w/ I Killed the Prom Queen / Capture the Crown
August 3rd / The Glass House / Doors: 6 pm / all ages / $17.50 adv / $20 dos / On Sale Now

He is Legend / Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (co-headline) w/ Wilson / Hideouts
August 10th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $13 adv / $15 dos / On Sale Now

Chain Reaction Presents: Basement w/ Cloakroom / Creative Adult / Fell To Low
August 12th / The Glass House / Doors: 7:30 pm / all ages / $12 adv / $15 dos / SOLD OUT

7 Seconds w/ JFA / The Copyrights
August 14th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $15 / On Sale Now

FYF Presents: F*cked Up w/ Tijuana Panthers
August 22nd / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $16 / On Sale Now

FYF Presents: Murder City Devils
August 26th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $20 / On Sale Friday July 11th @ 10 AM

Brick To Ya Face Presents: DIY Music and Fashion Fest 2014 - Check the website for full lineup: Click Here
August 30th / The Glass House / Doors: 5 pm / all ages / $12 adv / $17 dos / On Sale Now

Yuna w/ B├śRNS / Lincoln Jesser
September 5th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $ 20 / On Sale Now

You Me At Six w/ Young Guns / Stars in Stereo
September 17th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $17 adv / $20 dos / On Sale Now

The Aquabats
September 19th / The Glass House / Doors: 6 pm / all ages / $22 adv / $25 dos / On Sale Friday July 11th @ 12pm noon

Temples w/ Wampire
September 26th / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $20 / On Sale Now

KCRW Presents: The War on Drugs w/ Cass McCombs
October 1st / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $17 adv / $20 dos / On Sale Now

Senses Fail w/ No Bragging Rights / Knuckle Puck
October 3rd / The Glass House / Doors: 7:30 pm / all ages / $17.50 adv / $21 dos / On Sale Now

Bombay Bicycle Club w/ Milo Greene
October 4th / The Glass House / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $25 / On Sale Now

Twin Shadow
October 10th / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $15 / On Sale Now

Turquoise Jeep w/ Yip Deceiver
October 15th / The Blue Room / Doors: 7 pm / all ages / $15 / On Sale Now

Mineral w/ Into It. Over It.
October 26th / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $20 / On Sale Now

Peter Hook and the Light (performing New Order's "Movement" and "Power, Corruption and Lies") w/ El Ten Eleven 
November 24th / The Glass House / Doors: 8 pm / all ages / $23 / On Sale Now