Monday, August 31, 2015

It Will Happen In Time. A Life In Imbalance.

There are so many interesting artists to write about and so much to say about what is going on out there both good and bad in the world in general but (for me personally) so little time to do so. It is difficult for me to balance things in my life and sometimes I let my "day job" encroach a bit too much on my "free time" and, in fact, the two kind of just blend into one. Usually, I am doing my best to keep promises made to clients. Currently, that imbalance is taking me away from the blog and my other to do lists like getting those t-shirts made and writing those songs.

When life gets so harried I seem to revert to either glaring at the TV or almost automatically killing time on Pinterest. Sometimes I look back at past shows I covered or new music I discovered (for myself), articles fretted over, things like that. Here are some images from past blog posts that stoke up fond memories in my heart. Enjoy and to all you out there wondering when I will get to that write up. It will happen, in time.