Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lovely Bad Things - "Homebodies" EP Stream Via Flood Mag Premiere

photo by Caroline Baker: clockwise starting at 11 o'clock: Camron Ward (guitar/vocals), Wesley Baxter (bass), Brayden Ward (drums, vocals), Lauren Curtius (guitar/vocals) and Tim Hatch (guitar).

Flood Magazine just premiered Lovely Bad Things' EP "Homebodies" ( out this Friday via Burger Records) and you can see their cool coverage and stream the songs over there so please check it out. This insanely tasty appetizer will make fans of the 5 piece So Cal band extremely happy and hold them over before the release of LBTS full length "Teenage Grown-up" due to drop (via Burger Records) in August.

Lovely Bad Things' sound is a post rock and proto punk blend that has (over the years) drawn comparisons to bands like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, the Pixies, Weezer and Redd Kross and while band comps always have more to do with the listener than the band there is one thing for sure, Lovely Bad Things craft sounds that are one of a kind. Stream "Homebodies" below and hear for yourself. Yowza!

Cruz B.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Where Is The LIght In Terminia" by Roland Greco Feels Like A Fantasy Trip

It is not often that I post up about an artist that I know absolutely nothing about but when I pushed play on "Where Is The Light In Terminia" by LA producer / songwriter it pulled me into it's world. That world felt pretty dreamy even fantastical (yes that is a word). It turns out that Greco grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He became in in demand drummer in the local scene eventually moving to Boston to study music production and engineering at the iconic Berklee College of music.  Since graduating, Roland has worked with major producers such as The Elev3n (Meghan Trainor), David “DQ” Quinones (BeyoncĂ©), and Yellowclaw. Now he is focusing on his solo work. I like this track a lot and look forward to hearing more.

Robb Donker

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chuck Berry Was Pure Rock and Roll - Rest In Peace

I remember seeing Chuck Berry on TV when I was a kid and being instantly mesmerized by his wide eyed smile, exuberant personality and his incredible sound and through the years that incredible spark and zest for life and rock and roll never stopped. He was pure rock and roll like no one else and he seemed immortal. Unfortunately none of us are immortal but his impact on pop culture, on rock and roll, on music of all sorts is immortal. This past Saturday Chuck Berry died in his home in Wentzville, Missouri at the age of 90. Rest in peace Rock n Roll legacy.
Robb Donker

Night Talks Latest Video for "Jungle" is Killer

The official video for Night Talks' cagey track "Jungle" plays like a mini movie and as front woman Soraya Sebghati gazes out over the ocean and then sits to write "Jungle" on her vintage royal typewriter, in the end, you can only wonder if  her novel is what happened or what is about to happen or if it is just all a fantasy about being a solo act. Directed with an inspired touch by Michael V. Greene each band member is featured. The track itself feels big and expansive and kind of like a theme song for a spy caper with surf beat flourishes, delicious vocals and a sultry bass line drenched in a mysterious tone. It is all so good and gets in your head right away.

Robb Donker


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jacob Bank's Official Video for "Unholy War" Is As Captivating As the Track Itself

Singer / songwriter Jacob Banks fills his creative projects with so much passion that you can't help but get pulled into his story telling. Born in Nigeria, he moved to Birmingham, England at age 13 and began playing guitar and writing songs at the age 20. He just released a cinematic video which he wrote and directed for his debut single "Unholy War" which just about instantly shot to number one on Hype Machine upon it's release. The track is a captivating blend of blues, post rock pushed through an indie filter with garage rock and gospel over tones. The feel and lyrics suggest a myriad of themes both personal and wide reaching but the song works on multiple levels as both an anthem and a sultry piece of ear candy that could grace and equally sultry Levis commercial. Amazing track.

The video for "Unholy War" suggests the fight against oppression as Banks plays a father who sends his son away while he prepares to battle with a mysterious rider who is after them. There is a suggestion of slavery too as both the father and son are marked on their skin. Very cool haunting video with an open ending cliff hanger ready for part 2.

LOVE, LOVE the sound of this track which is off the upcoming EP "The Boy Who Cried Freedom"-

Push play on the video and get lost in Jacob Banks musical majesty.

Robb Donker

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Molochs - "You And Me" Official Video takes You Back to a Time Before Smart Phones and the Internet

The Molochs - "You And Me" Official Video- transports you to a time before smart phones and the internet even. Director Laura Lynn Patrick shot the evocative video drenched in nostalgia and romance inspired by the 50's Marilyn Monroe film "Niagara"and these feel like they could be home movies of the movie. The bouncy bottom heavy track feels a bit like Kevin Morby which in my book is high praise indeed. The song is from the band's America's Velvet Glory album release back in January via Innovative Leisure.

Enjoy the sights and sounds -

Robb Donker

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Best Coast Rallies The Troops - Planned Parenthood Benefit Show at The El Rey - March 4th

After President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence squarely put Planned Parenthood in their cross hairs it was inevitable that Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast would be doing something about it. On social media Bethany has not been shy in commenting on a host of social / political matters and fighting the good fight.

She has rallied the musical troops and put together a benefit with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. The show is aptly and cleverly named "Don't Sit Down - A Benefit Standing With Planned Parenthood.

Raising money is a good thing but raising awareness is a great thing and both will be done in heavy doses during a killer show featuring the likes of GroupLove, Lovely Bad Things, The Side Eyes, Muna, Nina and Louise of Veruca Salt, Wavves DJ Set, Lili Hayes DJ Set, Jimmy Tamborello DJ Set and a special appearance by Liz Phair.

Stand up indeed. Of all the progressive programs that are under assault under the new administration, Planned Parenthood may be the one that can and needs to survive. As Cecile Richards who has headed the organization for the last decade points out (in a recent Rolling Stone article) there are many people who voted for Trump who disagree with any de-funding of Planned Parenthood. This is not a left versus right argument. This is a what's right and what's wrong argument.

Rock on Bethany and thanks for fighting the good fight.
Robb Donker

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Braving Impending Storms and Even a Tornado Watch I Am Performing Live For The First Time in Decades- Come On Out!

Somehow posting videos on Youtube and sending out an original song to a radio contest as a lark has lead to me playing live which I haven't done in decades. So amidst news of impending storms and even tornadoes I am heading out tonight to entertain. It may be epic fail or an epic new beginning but whatever it ends up being I hope you can come out. I go on at 8pm sharp at The Foundry.
Robb Donker