Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dessie Magee and the intimate and anthemic "Castle" wraps around you

The track Castle by Brighton based (by way of Belfast, Northern Ireland) folk / rock singer songwriter Dessie Magee seeps into your head like a dense coastal fog. In talking about the track Magee says "a castle is a safe haven fortified against attack" and he knows about being set upon. After years deep into the Belfast music scene he had to undergo major throat surgery that left him unable to speak for months. Magee is a fighter and after a long rehab began to speak and then to sing. The multi genre rocker who draws on diverse sounds has recently taken softer approaches drawing influences from artists like Ben Howard, Hozier, Nathaniel Rateliff and Fink but leaves his heavier influence ever so close. 

Magee's evocative endearing gritty vocal performance is a big part of Castle which tells stories and has a cinematic tone and arc. The down home feel, earnest and organic sound would feel at home in a pub or in a stadium full of hands holding cell phones high in the air and swaying as one. It feels intimate and anthemic at the same damn time. A sonic shake by the shirt collars and then a warm embrace. 

Brighton based folk/rock singer-songwriter Dessie Magee, hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland where his career began within the heavy underground music scene


... Dessie has gone on to sell out headline shows in Brighton, London and Northern Ireland, appeared at festivals such as The Great Escape and Fringe Festival and has had great success touring America. His debut single ‘Maze’ was picked as BBC Radio 1’s ‘Track Of The Day’, The Unsigned Guide’s ‘Track Of The Month’ and spend over a month in the top five of the French charts.

‘Castle’ is Dessie’s third single and taken from his upcoming debut EP which is set for release this side of Christmas. Dessie explains; “A castle is a safe haven, fortified against attack. ‘Castle’ is about falling for someone when it was in your best interests not to, two hedonists don't make a right.”


Robb Donker


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