Saturday, May 11, 2019

Distant Mountains' slightly askew "On The Run" feels like a psychedelic tropical cruise

All I could see when I listened to On The Run by Distant Mountains is a doe eyed young Paul McCartney on a sugar coated beach inhabited by pink monkeys and unicorns. There is something so purely whimsical and kind of drug raddled high about this song. It (to me) sounds like something that would of been on the first MGMT album. There is a slightly askew tone steeped in a lovely psychedelia and I love that about it. It also feels a bit under developed and ends to soon. It feels like an beautifully saturated interlude that would float between two longer songs on a trippy album but that is not to knock it at all. In the end, it leaves me wanting more... more pink monkeys and unicorns and a young Paul McCartney. 

Distant Mountains are based out of the Bay Area (California) and are Paul McCorkle, Scott Lord and Ben Manning.

Robb Donker

Press Notes:
Distant Mountains began as an idea of musical escapism from the grind of performing in the Bay Area music scene. Paul McCorkle and Scott Lord joined together in 2015 to explore different sonic textures, tones, and song structures without worry of reproducing those sounds on a show to show basis. As time moved forward and their songwriting evolved they began to explore and expand their sounds with analog textures and drum machine patterns. After a chance meeting at a local show in 2017, Distant Mountains brought Ben Manning into the group to add live drums and percussion into the eclectic mix of synths, loops, keys, strings, and whatever else strikes their collective fancy. 

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